Thursday, August 9, 2007

What good does crying do you?

"There's no crying in baseball" is a well known movie line, spouted by Tom Hanks character to his female baseball team.

Why would I choose that for my blog name? Well, those who know me, probably can figure it out. I am an anomaly of the female race. I only cry a handful of times during the course of a year. Now, when I do cry, usually it's a doozy--I cry for all the reasons that I perhaps should have cried in the months previous. This year, because I had pregnancy hormones raging, I'll probably cry more than my requisite few times by the time the calendar shows December.

It's not that I am opposed to crying, it's just that I don't always see what good it does. And maybe I've had too many reasons in my life to cry so my method of coping is not crying. I am definately a "bottler." I hoard my emotions until they overflow. And that overflowing results in one of my crying episodes.

I have many reasons this week to cry. I can't and won't go into them. And I have "almost" cried a few times...but I choke back the tears. Partially because I am afraid to let them get control of me. Afraid of what might happen if I allow the floodgates to open.

I know that crying is healthy and it would be good for me to let the tears flow. But it's not something I can make myself do. My husband is thankful when I don't cry...because he doesn't know what to do when I do. I spoil him by not ever crying!!

I'll let you know when I finally do cry. I'm kind of hoping it will be in the near future. But, only time will tell.

Crying really accomplishes nothing for the situation you cry over...but I'm sure it's good for your emotional health.

God says that those who sow in tears reap job. Maybe I need to sow more in tears so that I can experience more joy.

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