Friday, December 21, 2007


That's what I am right now. And it's not even 2pm. Running errands with kids just does me in.

You've never done it? Oh please, let me fill you in.

1. She cries because I closed the car door and she wanted to.

2. I have to go to the bathroom--she doesn't--but proceeds to touch everything she can in the bathroom, including the nasty feminine product box.

3. She disappears down isles and asks if she can have EVERYTHING for Christmas.

4. She wants to play the sample video games they have out.

5. Oh wait, we are at the other end of the store but now SHE has to go potty.

6. Now she wants to ride in the cart. Have you ever tried to put an almost 4 yr old who is the size of a 5-6 year old in a cart?

7. Back to the other side of the store.

8. Continues to ask for EVERYTHING. I can't wait until Christmas is over and there is no reason for her to ask.

9. Whew, finally, we are done.

10. Oh wait, even though she usually throws a fit if she doesn't buckle herself in, today she throws a fit when I tell her she needs to do it because I am loading the car.

THAT is why I am fried.

At least I am done with my Christmas shopping now. Don't EVEN get me started on how much I have to wrap in the next 3 days.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's the Holiday Season

But I don't feel so holiday-ish. I have 5 days to get into the Christmas spirit and enjoy it. I think I can do it. Today was my last day of work for 10 days or so. I'm excited about that. I have some weekend stuff, but no office :)

Let's see...I did downsize a lot of toys. I still have too many though. LOL! I'll just keep cycling through every few months and finding stuff to give away. ER doesn't miss anything I've given away.

Diet Coke...I'm down to 1 a day, max of 2. Most days, just 1. I control it, it's not controlling me!!

I told my daughter that we have a vacation coming up--since I don't have to work and she isn't going to daycare next week. She says "no mama. A vacation is when you go somewhere new, not when you stay home." Ah, little minds.

I'm off for another cupcake. Maybe I am in the holiday spirit after all!