Friday, March 7, 2008

RIP Goldie and Sparkles

Miss Rose had her first pets this last weekend, for all of about three days.

My cousin got married and they had golfish as part of the centerpieces. We left before the reception was over but my sisters stayed until about the end...when they were giving away the goldfish. And they thought it would be fun to bring them home to Miss Rose. Thanks aunties.

Miss Rose was excited--but I was quick to warn her that goldfish don't always live too long. Auntie Z was quick to point out that you know they are dead if they are floating at the top and the fun part is flushing them down the toilet. We don't beat around the bush in my family!

All was well until Monday morning. The water was super cloudy and stinky so I changed it. Apparently that is a no-no. I didn't know...I'm not educated in goldfish care. We had several as a kid and they all died quickly (now I know why!) The fish weren't too peppy after that.

We got home from the park later that day and Goldie was gone. Sparkles was just laying on the bottom practically. Since she was prepared--Miss Rose wasn't really traumatized. Thank you God!! We got the fish out and prepared to flush it. She wanted to carry it to the toilet. I thought she meant the cup it was in...she wanted to actually touch the fish!! Brave girl. We didn't do that though!

A bit later we called Daddy at work to let him know of Goldie's demise. Miss Rose got on the phone to talk about it. Daddy said "I guess Goldie went to fishy heaven." And Miss Rose said "no Daddy, we flushed him down the toilet." At which point Daddy began to laugh uncontrollably but wanted to hide it in case it would upset the grieving 4-yr old. Since he didn't respond she kept yelling into the phone "no we flushed him down the toilet."

At the end of the conversation Miss Rose says "well, you know what they always say..."

What? You are 4. How do you know what anyone always says?


"Well, you know what they always say...when your fish dies, you just get a dog because they don't die."

We absolutely fell out laughing! The kid wants a dog!! Unfortunately our yard isn't fully fenced, and we rent, so it's not an option. Plus there is enough in our life.

Oh yeah, Sparkles was sparkling in fishy heaven next to Goldie by the next morning.

Thanks aunties. For the lesson in death and dying. I guess it can't hurt to start early!


  1. note to self: no golfish for us!!!!! besides they gross me out :0)

  2. and death lessons at the age of 4. I love your family. Leave it to your sisters to mention flushing them down the toilet! I miss you all tons!

  3. trish-would you expect anything different from my sisters?? haha!!


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