Saturday, March 15, 2008

Tag, You're It

Some weekends are like a game of tag in our house. This seems to be one of them. I'm sure we're not the only ones.

8:30am--hubby and I go to church breakfast together
9:30am-tag hubby to take the girls home and give the baby a nap
10:20-i get home
10:30-tag corrina to go the grocery store
11:30-tag hubby to go car shopping with my sister
3pm-tag corrina to go to costco for all church baby shower supplies
5pm-tag hubby to worship practice

Maybe by 8 pm we'll get to hang out! The kids will be in bed. But we'll be exhausted!!! And Sundays in our house aren't much better.

I keep reminding myself, it's just a period of time in life. It won't always be like this. Roger won't always be working a second job, our children won't always be so small and require so much attention.

However--we have 2 offers from girls who want to come watch the kids while we go out! That's 2 dates :) And one offer even came with movie passes. Now to find a day or night we can do it :)


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