Friday, March 21, 2008

What's a girl to do?

Every day I think of a creative way to make money, but be home more with my children. You'd think with all these ideas, I'd figure something out. But, the fact is--nothing is easy money and everything takes work. I guess I just haven't found the right thing that is worth the work and will actually make money. I'm not sure that I ever will.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy what I do. But for me there will always be the lure of being home more, or working from home. I'm sure if money were absolutely no concern--I could find plenty to fill each day with as a mom, caring for the house and the children--oh yeah, and the husband of course. But I have always enjoyed being productive and using my brain. So perhaps the perfect blend for me would be a job I could do mostly at home--naps, nights, maybe only several hours of childcare required.

So, here's what's been on my mind.

Child resale store--I would LOVE this job. Owning one that is. But there's the start-up and the lease cost etc etc. Maybe one day though!

Photography-I love good photos. I don't necessarily know how to take good photos. But I could learn, really I could. photographers make so much money! A few weddings a month or maybe specializing in family/pregnancy/babies would be neat. And could make $$!

Homemade baby food-this has been one of my newer ideas. Moms seem to be more and more into healthy stuff for their babies and with the new Magic Bullet I got for Christmas--it seems like it would be fun to make up big batches of baby food and sell it locally. But, I have a feeling that I would have to get permits and have a special kitchen to do it legitimately.

Sewing-I like sewing. I'm okay at it. I could get better. But there is a whole slew of people online who sell homemade baby stuff. I'm not sure that what I have to offer would be that much better.

Fitness for moms-I've really enjoyed the journey of getting back into shape after my 2nd baby. I'm proud to say I've lost 10lbs extra after each baby--which puts me at 20lbs lighter than when I got pregnant with my first daughter! I guess I would need to get some actual training for this though.

Whoops. Naptime is over I guess. Back to real life.


  1. check this out...

    I've watched it become a HUGE hit in Oregon...I remember in Cali they had stroller strides...

  2. I think you would be an awesome personal trainer. You should check into what it takes to get certified. I think you could make your own hours. I know there is a woman out here who does that. She goes to the persons home or meets them at a park and workout. You have always been interested in health/fitness.

  3. I tagged you, again :o) Hope you will play!!!


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