Monday, April 28, 2008

Doctor Mom

It's amazing what the advent of the internet has done for mothers of sick children. We can get online and analyze their symptoms and diagnose their ailments. Well, kind of! At least we try.

Gracie has been sick, yet again. I swear my breastmilk had no immunity this time around or something. She ran a fever for about 2 days, lethargy, no appetite etc. Yesterday I noticed some spots on her legs that were more promient than her horrific eczema, that kind of matched a blister on her mouth and buttocks. Of course I ran to WebMd to figure it out! According to my research and images on Google--she had hand-foot-mouth disease, not to be confused with hoof-mouth disease--which was viral and just has to run it's course.

We headed to the Dr. this morning. Oh--and an eye infection came back after a round of eyedrops. First of all--he said she was reinfecting her eye probably from rubbing her nose then her eyes. He revoked my medical license for thinking perhaps I didn't wash her sheets after the first eye infection. (he really did say that...he's a funny guy).

When it came to the rash, he immediately said roseol, another viral infection that just has to run it's course. After he aleady revoked my medical license--I decided not to ask about my diagnosis. Both are viral and have to run their course.

I still think I'm right. Hand-foot-mouth is more blistery, and shows up on the palms of the hands and feet bottoms, which is consistent with a few spots she has. Roseola is more of a red patchy rash.

Hmmm...that gives me an idea. Maybe I need to collaborate with some medical professionals to write a book for mom's about their sick kids. Explain in easy to understand terms how infections start, the difference between viruses and bacterial infection, does it matter whether the snot is green or clear? It probably already exists though.

Just call me Dr. Mom!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well, it turns out it may not have been the shots that made my baby sick. I spoke with an advice nurse and she felt that it was a flu bug that happened to come on at the same time. I have to wonder if the shots compromised her immune system a bit and made the flu be able to take over. It just lasted about 24 hrs. The clinginess lasted longer of course!

I got back some photos I had taken of the girls a few weeks ago. I can't believe how old Miss Rose looks. She has no more baby fat and is just this little girl. It's crazy. I love that girl!!! I'll have to get them scanned so I can share them here. Miss Gracie wasn't in the greatest mood, so I don't know that her personality was captured--but they are still very cute pic's.

It's amazing the difference in children. Miss Rose is pretty big for her age--around the 95 percentile for her height and weight. For a few years she was heavier than she was tall--but she's slimmed down. She is more like a 6yr old. If her growth trend will be from her grandparents on both sides as hubby and I are not tall--or even average!! HA HA.

Miss Gracie on the other hand is a petite little thing. There is almost a 5lb difference in the girls' weights at 1 year. I was a more petite baby I guess, so perhaps she's going to be a shortie like her mama! It is much nicer to carry around a light one year old versus a tank. My kids seem to be late walkers (Miss Rose was 15 months)- and Miss Gracie isn't quite there yet, so I carry her quite a bit.

It is perhaps a testament to the fact that genetics play a big roll in the size of a child--not necessarily environment. Pre-motherhood I was a bit critical of babies and toddlers on the bigger side--thinking that it was due to overfeeding and poor diet choices. Then, I became a mother!! And realized how much I didn't know. Miss Rose was breastfed until 1 yr and never had formula and I fed her pretty healthily the first 2yrs. She eats healthy now--but of course she knows what McDonald's and dessert is. But---she was a big girl!! Miss Gracie's diet is quite the same--but she doesn't have the appetite and has a different growth pattern.

Note to pre-motherhood self: open mouth, remove foot!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I hate shots!

The title says it all. I hate that shots make babies sick. I hate that they get a fever. I hate that my baby threw up late last night, probably becacuse her fever was so raging. I hate that babies have to get sick in order to not get sick. It just doesn't make sense.

I know that some don't vaccinate at all. I know that some only do a select few vaccinations. I know that others delay vaccinations but do most of them. I wish that I had the time to research and make my own decisions. You'd think for all the other baby-related things I'm passionate and knowledgable about, this would be one of them.

Although Miss Rose got fevers with her shots as a baby--Gracie's fevers just RAGE. I wonder if it's due to her petite size. I don't like that vaccinations are "one size fits all." Gracie is about 5.5lbs less than Miss Rose was a 1. It's no wonder she's having a bad reaction.

I am just praying there are no long-lasting effects. I trust that there won't be. I promise...for my next baby...I will do my research!!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Birthday Girl

Miss Gracie turned 1 on April 5th! I was definately sentimental about it. I just LOVE the baby months. Granted, she'll still be a baby for quite some time, but the changes happen so fast now. Even in the last week she has become more interactive and communicative.

Her birthday party ended up not being what I expected. Hubby got sick the night before and was up praying to the porcelein god several times. He was pretty much dead to the world the day of her party. We had saved many party-related errands for that day, since we'd both be off. Which left me with all of them! It wasn't his fault though.

Our calendar is so busy that rescheduling her party was next to impossible. But, on the chance that it was contagious, I called everyone to let them know. Understandably, most people chose not to chance it. Everyone coming was family--but with our family it was supposed to be over 20 people. We had a similar party for Miss Rose's 1st bday too. It ended up being both grandmas, and all the aunties on my side--an all girls party.

I still went for it--made homemade meat sauce, homemade cupcakes & frosting etc. I want Miss Gracie to be able to look back at photos and see that we made a big deal out of her 1st birthday. I was exhausted by the end of the day to say the least. It turned out well though. I wonder if Gracie would have been overwhelmed by a larger party. Miss Rose was so excited during the gift opening that it scared Gracie and she just kept climbing into my lap!

What better birthday dinner than grilled cheese??

My sweet girls! This pose didn't last more than a second though.

This photo is my life! Miss Rose being crazy, Gracie attached to me...and I love every second of it!

My sweet birthday girl!

The craziest she got with her cupcakes. She would just swipe frosting off the top and suck it off her fingers.

Her car was a big hit! Now she can go for a ride while big sister rides her bike.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Time to play catch up

The last week or so, I've thought of about 8 potential blog topics. I trust I will get to all of them, it's just a matter of time! Right now I am currently contemplating why my new 1-yr old has been resisting her afternoon nap. It can't already be time to condense to one nap. My older daughter was at least 18 months--and even then I had to really force the consolidation.

We'll be taking a trip to the Urgent Care tonight as Miss Gracie seems to have some sort of eye infection. I've been hoping it'd get better--but nope. Now the white of her eye is looking clouded, along with the goup (although not too much) and her eyelid and undereye are swollen and red.

I've so much to share about Miss Gracie's 1st birthday and more!