Monday, April 14, 2008

Birthday Girl

Miss Gracie turned 1 on April 5th! I was definately sentimental about it. I just LOVE the baby months. Granted, she'll still be a baby for quite some time, but the changes happen so fast now. Even in the last week she has become more interactive and communicative.

Her birthday party ended up not being what I expected. Hubby got sick the night before and was up praying to the porcelein god several times. He was pretty much dead to the world the day of her party. We had saved many party-related errands for that day, since we'd both be off. Which left me with all of them! It wasn't his fault though.

Our calendar is so busy that rescheduling her party was next to impossible. But, on the chance that it was contagious, I called everyone to let them know. Understandably, most people chose not to chance it. Everyone coming was family--but with our family it was supposed to be over 20 people. We had a similar party for Miss Rose's 1st bday too. It ended up being both grandmas, and all the aunties on my side--an all girls party.

I still went for it--made homemade meat sauce, homemade cupcakes & frosting etc. I want Miss Gracie to be able to look back at photos and see that we made a big deal out of her 1st birthday. I was exhausted by the end of the day to say the least. It turned out well though. I wonder if Gracie would have been overwhelmed by a larger party. Miss Rose was so excited during the gift opening that it scared Gracie and she just kept climbing into my lap!

What better birthday dinner than grilled cheese??

My sweet girls! This pose didn't last more than a second though.

This photo is my life! Miss Rose being crazy, Gracie attached to me...and I love every second of it!

My sweet birthday girl!

The craziest she got with her cupcakes. She would just swipe frosting off the top and suck it off her fingers.

Her car was a big hit! Now she can go for a ride while big sister rides her bike.

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