Monday, April 28, 2008

Doctor Mom

It's amazing what the advent of the internet has done for mothers of sick children. We can get online and analyze their symptoms and diagnose their ailments. Well, kind of! At least we try.

Gracie has been sick, yet again. I swear my breastmilk had no immunity this time around or something. She ran a fever for about 2 days, lethargy, no appetite etc. Yesterday I noticed some spots on her legs that were more promient than her horrific eczema, that kind of matched a blister on her mouth and buttocks. Of course I ran to WebMd to figure it out! According to my research and images on Google--she had hand-foot-mouth disease, not to be confused with hoof-mouth disease--which was viral and just has to run it's course.

We headed to the Dr. this morning. Oh--and an eye infection came back after a round of eyedrops. First of all--he said she was reinfecting her eye probably from rubbing her nose then her eyes. He revoked my medical license for thinking perhaps I didn't wash her sheets after the first eye infection. (he really did say that...he's a funny guy).

When it came to the rash, he immediately said roseol, another viral infection that just has to run it's course. After he aleady revoked my medical license--I decided not to ask about my diagnosis. Both are viral and have to run their course.

I still think I'm right. Hand-foot-mouth is more blistery, and shows up on the palms of the hands and feet bottoms, which is consistent with a few spots she has. Roseola is more of a red patchy rash.

Hmmm...that gives me an idea. Maybe I need to collaborate with some medical professionals to write a book for mom's about their sick kids. Explain in easy to understand terms how infections start, the difference between viruses and bacterial infection, does it matter whether the snot is green or clear? It probably already exists though.

Just call me Dr. Mom!

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  1. Oh my gosh - we are so alike it's not even funny. Micah apparently also got no immunity from my milk and had numerous ear infections. At my last doctor's appt, she said he had another ear infection, and I was like, "Do you think it's viral or bacterial? Fluid or no? Because I don't really want to put him on antibiotics and risk him developing a resistance to them - after all, he has had so many ear infections..." and she was just looking at me. I went on to explain that according to my research, if it's just viral and there is no fluid, he doesn't need antibiotics. She handed me the prescription and said, "He does need antibiotics." I swear, I should totally be a pediatrician. We should start a mom-practice together :) Oh, and my friend's daughter also had hand-foot-mouth - sounds pretty painful - the doctor also didn't believe my friend until she pointed out each blister in her daughter's mouth. OY! :) What to do!!! :)


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