Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I hate shots!

The title says it all. I hate that shots make babies sick. I hate that they get a fever. I hate that my baby threw up late last night, probably becacuse her fever was so raging. I hate that babies have to get sick in order to not get sick. It just doesn't make sense.

I know that some don't vaccinate at all. I know that some only do a select few vaccinations. I know that others delay vaccinations but do most of them. I wish that I had the time to research and make my own decisions. You'd think for all the other baby-related things I'm passionate and knowledgable about, this would be one of them.

Although Miss Rose got fevers with her shots as a baby--Gracie's fevers just RAGE. I wonder if it's due to her petite size. I don't like that vaccinations are "one size fits all." Gracie is about 5.5lbs less than Miss Rose was a 1. It's no wonder she's having a bad reaction.

I am just praying there are no long-lasting effects. I trust that there won't be. I promise...for my next baby...I will do my research!!!!


  1. Hey Corrina, I know how you feel. But I have done my research with baby #2 and I can tell you, it has only made me more confused. I am just going to go through with it and pray over my baby! These decisions are so hard... At least we know our children will be protected from the big diseases that could land them in the hospital, so I guess a few hours or days of discomfort is worth it :(

  2. Corrina,

    All I have to say is please be mindful before you get her the 18 month shot. For many children this is the moment in which parents notice the soul of their child leaving them. it's like the lights go out. I am going to do this online seminar before our daughter is born. It's a very scientific approach to vaccinations and is only three sessions of 90 minutes. http://www.consciouswoman.org/category/seminars/

    Those are my thought!Julie


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