Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well, it turns out it may not have been the shots that made my baby sick. I spoke with an advice nurse and she felt that it was a flu bug that happened to come on at the same time. I have to wonder if the shots compromised her immune system a bit and made the flu be able to take over. It just lasted about 24 hrs. The clinginess lasted longer of course!

I got back some photos I had taken of the girls a few weeks ago. I can't believe how old Miss Rose looks. She has no more baby fat and is just this little girl. It's crazy. I love that girl!!! I'll have to get them scanned so I can share them here. Miss Gracie wasn't in the greatest mood, so I don't know that her personality was captured--but they are still very cute pic's.

It's amazing the difference in children. Miss Rose is pretty big for her age--around the 95 percentile for her height and weight. For a few years she was heavier than she was tall--but she's slimmed down. She is more like a 6yr old. If her growth trend continues...it will be from her grandparents on both sides as hubby and I are not tall--or even average!! HA HA.

Miss Gracie on the other hand is a petite little thing. There is almost a 5lb difference in the girls' weights at 1 year. I was a more petite baby I guess, so perhaps she's going to be a shortie like her mama! It is much nicer to carry around a light one year old versus a tank. My kids seem to be late walkers (Miss Rose was 15 months)- and Miss Gracie isn't quite there yet, so I carry her quite a bit.

It is perhaps a testament to the fact that genetics play a big roll in the size of a child--not necessarily environment. Pre-motherhood I was a bit critical of babies and toddlers on the bigger side--thinking that it was due to overfeeding and poor diet choices. Then, I became a mother!! And realized how much I didn't know. Miss Rose was breastfed until 1 yr and never had formula and I fed her pretty healthily the first 2yrs. She eats healthy now--but of course she knows what McDonald's and dessert is. But---she was a big girl!! Miss Gracie's diet is quite the same--but she doesn't have the appetite and has a different growth pattern.

Note to pre-motherhood self: open mouth, remove foot!!

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  1. Micah was the same way - he was a HUGE baby! I was just breastfeeding him and he was such a chunker. But once he started crawling he thinned out so much that he is now a string bean. He's so skinny people probably think I don't feed the boy! Same with Jaden - he went from the 95% at his 6 month appt. to the 25% at his 9 month appt. because he started moving so much. It's amazing how much they change!


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