Friday, April 11, 2008

Time to play catch up

The last week or so, I've thought of about 8 potential blog topics. I trust I will get to all of them, it's just a matter of time! Right now I am currently contemplating why my new 1-yr old has been resisting her afternoon nap. It can't already be time to condense to one nap. My older daughter was at least 18 months--and even then I had to really force the consolidation.

We'll be taking a trip to the Urgent Care tonight as Miss Gracie seems to have some sort of eye infection. I've been hoping it'd get better--but nope. Now the white of her eye is looking clouded, along with the goup (although not too much) and her eyelid and undereye are swollen and red.

I've so much to share about Miss Gracie's 1st birthday and more!

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  1. Did she end up having pink eye? My friend's son had that last week; seems to be going around..


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