Friday, June 20, 2008

Just like Wine

Sometimes I wish I was a wine drinker. I know many who enjoy relaxing with a glass of wine or sipping wine with a yummy dinner. It seems so refined and sophisticated, yet also something so simple. But I've never really had a taste for alcohol, so I really haven't even tried much wine. One thing I do know about wine is that the older the better.

I turned 31 yesterday. No longer am I just "30" but now I'm in my thirties. I feel old...yet I also feel young.

The attitude I've decided to have about this birthday and those that are to come, is that I am just like wine. I only get better with age! Sure I could recount all the negatives of getting older. The added wrinkles, the marks of childbearing, or the joints that now crack and pop.

But I'd rather focus on the areas of me and my life that are now better!

-I am a very confident individual. In high school I was pretty quiet and reserved. I changed schools a lot, so I never had a close group of friends in high school. I did have long-time friends from church, and I was a bit more outgoing than them. But when I think back to myself in high school and in the beginning of college, I was unsure of myself. I think mostly because I wasn't sure who I was. But, I have really found out who I am and I like me!

-I'm in better shape now. Looking back at some high school and college photos recently, I was quite a chub! Although I don't think I realized how chub I was. I like to think of it as my baby fat. It just took me over 20 yrs to grow out of. Actually I was slim as a kid. I blame it all on my junior high where we ate lunch at 10:50am. Not normal. I'd come home and be hungry and eat a 2nd lunch. I was in pretty good shape when Bean and I married...but by the time I got pregnant with Miss Rose, I had put on a few of those "newlywed pounds." Thankfully after having my babies, I've had great motivation to lose the weight and have lost more than I gained.

-I can manage my hair. Again--those old pictures. I had the most kinky curly hair in high school and the beginning of college. I had straight hair until I hit puberty--so I was really at a loss as to how to deal with newly curly hair. It was crazy curly. My brother in law, who was a good friend in high school, used to tease me unmercifully! I think having babies and all the hormones involved there have made my hair relax and I've figured out the right combo of products.

-I have a wonderful family. I love my husband and my children. They are worth every wrinkle and all the stretched out skin.

-I have weathered many storms and my relationship with Jesus continues to grow. If I were to list out all the valleys and low points I've been at in my life--it would be long--like most people's. And some of the storms have been pretty brutal, leaving my broken and bruised. But God has always been faithful to heal and restore. These storms have left marks that are a permanent part of me now. But I'm better for each experience.

-I have amazing friends. Facebook is my new hobby! I tried myspace for a while...and while I do still have my account there, Facebook is much more my cup of tea. I've connected with so many high school and college friends that way. I have co-workers that are incredible friends. Many of my "church friends" I grew up with, I have now known for more than half of my life. So many of us have children and it's special to see them play together and interact. If I could, I'd just arrange marriages for my daughters to their sons!

See--I'm getting better with age. Just like wine. By the time I'm 75, I'm going to be primo!


  1. Corrina,

    I really love your posts. You are so authentic. I wish my blog was a place where I could do the same but I feel like the people who read it are not those I want to share that part of me with. You make me want to have a reunion of high school friends. I so relate to looking back on high school. I could not have been less fashionable but the great thing is we all kind of were. With the exception of Cessy. Maybe that is why I liked Horizon because I felt accepted and okay there. I did not used to like wine until Frank and I got married and he kept getting me to try it. You know those Italians love their wine. I now appreciate the occasional glass or two. Of course not being pregnant as I think it has gluten and the 1/2 glass does not seem worth it. You may have felt chubby in high school but at least you got thinner with time. Over time I have held on to a bit more of myself:) Thanks for posting!

  2. love your posts Corrina...wish I could find the time to write like you do...seems very cathartic. Actually one of my friends, Jenny (another mom of 2 girls), saw the link to your blog on my page and now looks forward to your posts - she loves them!! So keep them coming.

    You really do look fantastic now!! wish I could say the same...I'm holding onto a little excess at the moment :) but hopefully will loose the baby weight in the near future!

  3. Love your post, Corrina. I turn 32 on July 12 and definitely "feel" it this time. But I need to write a post that week about the things I like about myself too, because hopefully that will help me feel a bit better! My favorite part of your post was "I blame it all on my junior high where we ate lunch at 10:50am. Not normal." That made me crack up! Yes, maybe that is where my chub-a-lub has come from also. Only you have been so great at getting it off! You are an inspiration to me in more ways than one!!!


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