Monday, June 23, 2008

Our Day at the Fair

Here are some photos from our day at the fair

The petting zoo. Gracie was excited about the animals (although they are all "dogs" to her). Miss Rose was brave enough to let some goats eat pellets out of her hands.

The first ride of the day. Miss Rose couldn't wait to have her first ride on a Ferris Wheel. She loved it.

My baby is growing up! She looked so big sitting her eating her sandwich I had to take a picture. The best thing we ever did was take a cooler with our lunch to the fair and check it with guest services for free!

One of her favorite places to be...a lap. If someone is sitting on the floor, she's in your lap in an instant.

Daddy and the crazy girl.

Yes, Miss Rose actually rode this roller coaster. Her "big" friends who were with us were riding and she insisted she was brave enough to ride also. This is the curse of having an amazon child...she was a few inches taller than the minimum--but usually a child is 6 or 7 before reaching that height. She wasn't so thrilled on the ride though. We quickly said no to all other big kid rides. Well, Bean wasn't there when she asked to ride this roller coaster and he claimed he wouldn't have let her. But I won't kill her and she'll learn whether she likes it or not.

Getting ready for the bungee jumping!! She loves doing this at Sea World too (although her Grammie is the only one that will pay for her to do it there. I always say no!)

Jumping up so high.

Happy family at the end of a fun day.


  1. Cute pictures Corrina! Love the one of Gracie eating her sandwich - she does look so grown up. Jaden is doing that too now... so sad that the "baby" stage is basically over, huh? Oh- and by the way - I got a double jogging stroller!!! I pick it up on Thursday!!! So Thank you!!

  2. Cute pictures! So glad you had a great time as a family.


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