Friday, June 6, 2008

Sleeping Beauties Sleepover

The first time Miss Rose ever slept over at someone's house was when Gracie was born. There were a few times Bean and I were gone overnight...but at the time we shared a house with my parents, so my mom was there with Miss Rose. I like keeping my kids close! In the last year Miss Rose has chalked up a few more sleepover's with grandparents.

But tonight, both my beauties are sleeping over at my mom's house. I am a bit sad about this. Gracie is just 14 months. She needs me, right? Bean and I are running in a race that requires at 5:15am departure. It only make sense to have the kids sleep over.

Miss Rose is thrilled about it. She misses my mom a ton. We shared a house with them from the time she was 8 months old until she was 3.5. My parents now live about 45min away, so we only see them a few times a month. My mom of course, can't wait to have them both--and having Gracie too is a special treat.

It's a good milestone. Good for me and Bean. Good for the kiddos and my parents. But I will miss my sweet girls!

This is what my mom gets to experience...

Miss Rose is forever falling asleep in the funniest positions. We have so many hilarious photos of her! This is the most recent. She had a sinus infection and came out for Kleenex so many times we finally gave her the box. And I guess she was so attached, she fell asleep with her arm inside it!

Gracie attached herself to this blanket when she was around 6 months old. She would cuddle up to it so much that we started making sure it was in her bed. Now, when she sees it, it means instant sleep. We throw it over our shoulder during her "sleep routine" and she lays her head on it while we sing. Then as soon as she hits the bed, she cuddles it and often falls asleep on top of it or holding it. So sweet!

Love my sleeping beauties!!


  1. Love those pictures! My boys both have their blankies too, which guarantee almost instant sleep. I actually have told many moms to train their children to go to sleep with a blankie because I love it so much!

    I know it must have been hard to have your girls away from you - I can't even imagine. We went on a 3 night cruise and the boys stayed with my mom. I cried the whole time but apparently they did great. Next time I'll have to enjoy myself a little more :)

  2. I know exactly how you feel! Just this past Monday night, Shayla slept over at grama's b/c we had all gone out to dinner together, were out late and she would have been back at grama's house the next morning anyway-it was only logical, right? But I had terrible sleep that night and drove to pick her up after work like a mad woman! I missed her so much!


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