Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Little Troopers

Kids are often more resilient than we give them credit for. Even newborn babies can handle more than we think they can. But as parents, we have such a tender spot in our hearts for our little ones that we hate to see them suffer at all. However, it can't be avoided.

While kids are resilient, we still are so proud when they handle things well. Yes there may be some tears and even drama to go along with it, but they get through it and come out on the other end. And like good mother hens, we cluck around them and puff our feathers up with pride.

I have two little troopers in my house right now!

Miss Rose was stung by a bee yesterday in the pool--and never truly shed a tear. We think she jumped in and landed on a bee already in the water. She kept pulling at her suit and grabbing her side. When Bean checked it out, he realized what happened. I think she since was having so much fun swimming, she just wanted the pain out of her mind so she could keep playing.

This is a girl who practically wants stitches for a 1 cm scratch. Everything requires neosporin and a bandaid. We're trying to teach her to cut the drama and deal with the discomfort. Especially since she starts soccer next month.

Today, Miss Rose needed a blood test to determine her allergens. With her, knowledge is more than half the battle, so I tried to prepare her with what would happen and what it would feel like. Unfortunately I forgot about how they tie off the arm with elastic and at that point she began to scream a bit.

Poor baby had to be stuck twice since the first stick wouldn't give any blood. I kept talking to her (she got to sit on my lap) and telling her it was like the bee sting and trying to calm her. She screamed a bit more than I had hoped, but in the end she did okay. (The technition told me I was a great parent--not sure what I said or did that gave him that impression, but it was appreciated).

Once it was over and we were on our way, there were no more tears and she didn't complain too much. Of course the Starbucks treat helped with that. But she deserved it (nothing with caffeine of course). A few hours later she took off her band-aids and hardly mentioned it the rest of the day!

Gracie is my little trooper too. She really is such an easy-going child. Her personality is coming out more, and there are a few fits over not getting a toy she wants. But she is just a steady child. Today she was throwing more fits and fussing more than normal, so I took a peek into her mouth.

What do you know? My baby is cutting 3 molars, another recently cut and I think there was an eye tooth coming through also. I never would have guessed. Hardly a peep or a fuss. It might explain why she hasn't been eating as well lately and only wanting her milk.

I'm so proud of my kiddos! They never cease to amaze me. What troopers.

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