Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Walking girl, busy mama

Gracie is finally walking!! She started venturing across half of the room on Sunday. When she'd fall--she'd get back up at least a few times before she gave up to crawl. Now she's walking from room to room in the house with just a few falls here and there. There still is some crawling...but I'd guess in a week or two, it will be a thing of the past.

It's so cute to see a baby taking those early steps! Her little chubby legs wide apart, super stiff, her little face so proud of the accomplishment.

I can't wait until she's walking full-time--because she won't get such dirty knees and feet from our floors.

Photobucket is making me VERY MAD right now, as I wanted to share a video of her with you. Oh well. Next time. If I decide to ever use Photobucket again.

I am super busy this week, so I probably won't be posting much for a few more days. Pray for my statistics midterm on Thursday. YIKES!

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