Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yay for Family Days

This just seems to have been a slow week all around in "bloggy world." I guess with the shortened work week for some and the coming holiday everyone is busy.

We are looking forward to two family days in a row! Miss
Rose is big on schedule and knowing what to expect in the days to come. From before she was two, she'd ask us for the "plan" of a day and we'd have to repeat it several times while she committed it to memory. And if we deviated from the plan...oh we heard about it! Yes--she has the anal retentive side of her father and the control issues of her mother.

It's hard to say when it started, but for a while now we've been referring to days by what Miss Rose is doing. We have "school days", "Grammie days", "Mommy days", "family days", "church days" etc. Usually Friday is a "mommy day" as I'm off so the girls are home with me. Bean works his day job and his evening job on Fridays.

Since tomorrow is a holiday--Bean doesn't have to work either of his jobs--so we get an extra family day. Miss Rose and Gracie are always so excited to see Daddy in the morning, since he usually leaves at 6:30am. We are looking forward to lots of time together on Friday and Saturday.

Gracie is becoming quite the little walker. It also means her falls are harder, and some nights there are quite a few tears. She's so proud of herself though when she walks.

Have a happy 4th of July and I hope you get lots of good family time too.

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