Friday, August 29, 2008

I guess I have to believe it...

Some days, well most days, I still have a hard time believing I am pregnant. Since I planned and anticpated my other pregnancies for months ahead of time, I was ready for every milestone, every moment of early pregnancy. I probably bordered a bit on obsession!

Miss Rose was my first pregnancy, one I had waited for my entire life. I was so thrilled to be pregnant. I worked only part-time and was also getting my master's degree. I had plenty of time and energy to focus on my pregnancy and my changing body.

By the time I got pregnant with Gracie, I was very excited to be having another baby, to not just be a mom of one, but of two. Miss Rose was 2.5 by then and not so much of a "baby."

This pregnancy came as such a surprise...although a wanted one. First I waited over a week to even take a test. Then I find out I'm even 4 more weeks along. It was just shock after shock!

I'm sure the busyness of my life plays a big role. I don't have much time to dwell on my pregnancy between working almost full time, still having a baby and the variety of other things in life. I'll be walking along and all of the sudden think--I have a baby, a real life baby growing in me.

My body is making it quite clear that I am pregnant and that I'm truly further along. This week my belly really has started to pop out. All of the sudden some of my clothes don't fit at all or they are getting tight in the waist. I am 15 weeks now with my third child, so it is par for the course. Somehow a 3-pound weight gain on the scale feels like a 10-pound gain in my clothes!

I am anticipating the next few weeks when I'll begin to feel the baby daily. Sometimes I think I am feeling some early flutters--when I am still and relaxed and not paying attention to anything else. I know that it will increase.

So I am embracing the reality of this pregnancy. I truly am thrilled and can't wait to hold the little one and even to nurse again. I can't wait to see God's plan unfold for this little one he has given us.


  1. I know, it seems like you're so far along already!!! It is so fun being pregnant and knowing you're growing a beautiful baby. Congratulations again!

  2. Praise God that maternity clothes have come a long way since I was pregnant with Trevor!!!! Those were the awful days of pregnancy. Now, you can be cuter than ever!!! and you can be just as pregnancy fashionable in flip flops ;)


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