Monday, August 4, 2008

I Love VBS!!

This year is the first time Miss Rose is old enough to attend VBS at our church. I can't believe how old she is getting. Yesterday I was browsing the Sunday ad's and seeing all the back-to-school sales made me realize that next year we'll be doing that shopping for her. She'll be starting Kindergarten. It's hard to believe my daughter will be that old. In fact, if she were just a few months older, she'd be starting Kindergarten this year.

Some days, I wish she were starting Kindergarten already. She's pretty intelligent, learns quickly and needs the mental stimulation. But, I realize that emotionally she's not quite ready. She's still just 4 1/2. Because she's so big for her age, many expect her to handle herself a little better than she does sometimes. So it's probably a good thing that she'll have another year of maturity before entering Kindergarten. I kind of hope she doesn't grow a ton in the next year so she doesn't look 3 years older than the other kids. She'll be the oldest in the class probably as it is. I still can't figure how two parents who are 5'4 and 5'7 have produced this amazon child.

But--I'm excited that she's going to VBS for 3 hours every morning this week. Mostly because I know she'll have a blast and learn a lot. However---I'm enjoying the fact that I have 3 hours to myself this morning. Gracie is here of course, but she'll nap for at least 2 of those hours. I have exciting plans to clean my floors! Most other mornings I am working or otherwise occupied, but even one morning to myself is a huge treat!

Next week is our "staycation." We are so looking forward to it. Bean and I will be taking college students to Big Bear this weekend and the girls will be staying with their grandma's. Then next week we'll do fun stuff around San Diego, hang out and just enjoy family time.

I also need to find new childcare for my kids by the end of the month. That's a bit of a stresser...but I trust it will all work out. Miss Rose's daycare is closing and to make things much easier for me and less driving (less gas $$) I'm hoping to find someone to come watch the girls at my house a few days a week. So far my top picks have class. Forget with my kids!!!

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  1. We also have a VBS next door to our house at a Baptist church. Micah is a little too young so I have been taking both boys over for about an hour or two for the outside activities. He loves it! The girls all play with Jaden and it's a lot of fun. I took him to his preschool last week and he looked around and kept saying, "Oh, Man!" like he was excited. It was funny, but so sad to me that he'll be going to preschool now... Our kids are growing up!!

    I'm sure you'll find a great sitter - it is hard trying to find one, I know!


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