Thursday, September 18, 2008

18 weeks on the 18th

I thought it was kind of random that I'm 18 weeks pregnant today and it's the 18th of the month. For the most part I'm feeling well. The sickness is gone, which is a huge blessing. I'm more tired than I'd like to be, given that I'm supposed to have the 2nd trimester energy. Maybe it's related to having two children already. I am napping more than I thought I would be at this point. Oh well! I'm really struggling with daily headaches. Headaches have been a part of my life for oh, 31 years! Usually I can medicate my way through them, but not while pregnant. Tylenol just doesn't do much. I visited a chiropractor for the first time ever yesterday and am hoping after a few visits to feel some progress.

I am just a few weeks away from being in full-time maternity clothes. I could be now...but they still look a little funny on me. I had to go out on my lunch yesterday and buy some maternity pants though, because I was dying in my unbuttoned, but still too-tight pants at work. I got some good deals on the clearance rack at Target--3 shirts, 1 pair of capri's and two non-maternity but stretchy waist skirts for $65. At least once a day I look down and my first thought is, "why do I have a gut? Oh yeah, I'm pregnant!"

These next few months are going to fly by and there just isn't a lot of blogging time. But, I am going to try to keep up as best I can. I am taking two classes this semester and spend all of Tuesday and Thursday evenings in class. It's worth it...but it's hard work balancing it all.

Miss Rose started soccer and had her first game last week. It was so much fun. She's on the same team as her cousin and the majority of both family members were there to cheer them on. Miss Rose scored 2 goals and her cousin scored 1. We were very proud. Bean was thrilled. I think he heard him make some remark about "the next Pele." Silly man. Even though we don't (and may not) have boys, I'm glad he can get excited about his daughters playing sports.

Hopefully I'll get the time to share some soccer pictures with you this weekend.


  1. sorry about the headache and apple cider will give you some pregnancy safe remedies - hopefully some of them will work for you, they did for me when I was pregnant

  2. you're in school again? havent you done enough of that?

  3. It seems like your pregnancy is going soooo fast! 18 wks already :) Bummer that you have so many headaches - that would zap my energy, on top of the pregnancy, for sure. Glad you found a few finds to get you through to maternity clothes. . . that's the hardest time clothing wise.


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