Friday, September 5, 2008

Nakie Part II

So Bean tells me that last night Gracie was in the bath, but suddenly stood up and signed "all done." He confirmed with her, but she definately wanted out. She LOVES the bath and would stay in cold water for an hour! After she was dried off, she went over to the toilet and fussed at it. It didn't mean much to Bean until she pooped 5 minutes after he had put her diaper on.

She's pooped in the bathtub a few times we can't help but wonder if she was actually aware of her need to poop this time. Bean was pretty convinced she was trying to tell him she had to poop.

Interesting... I may pull out the potty chair this weekend just for introduction's safe. Maybe I'll be one of those lucky moms who's child is potty trained by the time they are two. Can't hurt to take baby steps towards it!


  1. That's amazing!!! You should totally try it. She probably wants to be a "big girl" too! Sounds like she may be ready... Keep us posted!

  2. Ooohh - you are so lucky! That's a really good sign, my sister was pt'd by 2 and all on her own too! Let us know how it goes :)


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