Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekend upate

Since it seems more difficult for me to blog during the week, I thought I'd try to get one more in before the craziness ensues. My thoughts are kind of random...but here ya go!

1. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you plan. This weekend I had family coming to stay, Bean was working overtime both Saturday and Sunday, Miss Rose had soccer AND I was the snack mom. The last thing I wanted to mess up with something with Miss Rose's soccer--and my sister's tease me for a messy house sometimes, so I wanted to try to have it somewhat in order. I planned and organized and managed to succeed in all of it. I needed to leave at 10:30am for soccer, and when I turned the car on, that's exactly the time it was! GLORY!

And when did soccer snack become such a production? For the first game last week, the snack mom brought fruit kabobs--which she had put together herself-- and small bottles of cold water (with sports balls on them of course) for half-time and Capri-Sun and cupcakes for after the game. What happened to orange slices?? Being our first season, I had no idea if she went a bit overboard or if that was standard. I tried to be a bit more practical with orange slices, frozen grapes and the cheaper small bottles of water and rice krispy treats (not homemade though) and Capri-Sun for after. And since we are at the beginning of the alphabet...we get to do it one more time at the end of the season!!

2. Family is good :) Both my sisters were in town this weekend and it was good to catch up and see them in person although we usually email and text a lot. Plus my parents were in town watching my nephew for the weekend. There were A LOT of people at the soccer game cheering for Miss Rose and her cousin.

3. How do I stop my child from speaking disrespectfully? Some of the things Miss Rose says, and how she says them sound like a teenager. It's ridiculous. She has a definite attitude. She gets talked to, disciplined--but whatever I'm doing isn't working. Perhaps I'm lacking in consistency. All I know is that if I talked to my parents like that, I would have had the tar spanked out of me. Miss Rose has this sensitive streak though, that doesn't always make spanking the best discipline for her. Why can't they come with a manual?

4. Gracie is a maniac. This kid gets these bursts of energy that are incredible. She literally runs from room to room in the house and back again. She loves running full speed towards the couch and burrowing her face in the cushion. She also has this new stance--I call it the football player pose. She kind of crouches down and then basically runs in place before she takes off. Tonight as I was trying to brush her teeth she kept messing around with this maniacal little laugh. Oh Lord, what am I in for?

5. How long until I see a movie in a theatre again? There have been several movies I've wanted to see in the theatre over the last year or two. I don't know that we've gone to any. Currently on the list is "The Dark Night" but I'm not holding my breathe.

6. We're adding a third kid to this mess?? Help me Jesus!!!


  1. Yeah, seriously, what's all that overboard snack business about?! :) I'm glad you have your head on straight at least!!! :) Thanks for the update; I love reading all about what's going on!

  2. Sounds like a full, fun weekend! Movie theaters are overrated :)

  3. Hey, where do your parents live now?


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