Friday, October 10, 2008

Snippets...take 2

I tried publishing this on Friday...but thought it was lost in cyberspace. But when I checked today, the draft was there. So here goes.

The end of another week! I am always happy when Fridays come because it means a few full days with my kiddos. Maybe I'm nostalgic these days because our family will be changing, that is expanding, soon, and I just want to soak up all the time I have with my girls. Especially Miss Gracie since she will all of the sudden become a big girl once the baby arrives.

Gracie had her 18-month appointment this week. She's about 24lbs and 32.25 inches...pretty average, but a bit of a string bean, which explains why 12-18 month clothes are fitting perfect. Miss Rose was in at least 24 month clothes by this point, probably moving towards 2T. Poor baby needed 4 shots since I skipped the 15-month appointment. She got a bit of a fever that night, but wasn't nearly as sick as she has been after other vaccinations.

I realized this weekend it's time to switch Gracie's carseat. The infant seat she's been in only goes to 32 inches. Unfortunately, the convertible seat we have probably is too big to be rear facing in the CRV. I was hoping to keep her rear facing until the new baby comes, but I guess 18 months isn't bad. Maybe I'll get lucky and figure out how to keep her rear facing this weekend.

Miss Rose has a new line, "you ruined my life." Where did she come up with this one?? Is she 4 or 14? I immediately told her that was unacceptable to say and she could say she was "disappointed" or "upset." Maybe it's from the new shows on Disney she loves--Zack and Cody or Hannah Montana. Maybe I shouldn't be letting her watch these shows; but I am always watching them with her and while some of the content is over her head, it's not inappropriate.

Speaking of inappropriate, while I was gone last weekend Bean took Miss Rose to get a movie and Gracie was melting down so he pretty much grabbed the first thing he came upon. They came home with a Sponge Bob DVD, whom I really don't care for and find a bit crass and not age-appropriate. Here was my conversation with Bean...

"You really let her watch this?"

"Um, yeah."

"Well, did you watch it with her?"

"Of course."

"Was it appropriate for her?"

"Um, I thought it was funny."

"Really, a 32 year old man thought it was funny? That tells me it probably wasn't appropriate for a 4yr old."

Point proven!!


  1. I recently got a new booster with harness for Sophia and put Owen in her convertible - I love having everyone face forward! We don't watch either of those Disney shows but my girls love spongebob - the stuff that is funny to me goes over their heads but there's no disrespect or teen drama. . . food for thought :)

  2. Isn't funny how your kids show you how your mother felt when you said stuff like that? Although she is probably MUCH younger than you were when you started saying it, it does open your eyes, doesn't it! Oh bother. Gotta love it!

  3. I used to let abbey watch those Disney shows. I thought no biggie. But she got a little too grown up and sassy and I thought...she is four...I gotta slow this train down LOL


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