Saturday, October 18, 2008

Will a new look bring Fall weather?

I decided to give myself a new "autumn" background. Now, I wonder if it will bring the corresponding weather to Southern California. I am SO ready for it to be cool. I'm not even asking for cold, just cool.

The nights are finally cooling off, which is a good sign. But many of the days it still hits 90. The last two summers the house we lived in had air conditioning. This house does not. I'm dying!! I didn't realize how spoiled I was. We used the a/c sparingly...but enough to make the house comfortable.

I'm just hoping Halloween night is cool. I bought a monkey costume for Gracie. I really hope it is cool enough for her to wear it! Yes, it was a risky move...but it just fits her personality these days so well I couldn't resist.

Unfortunately this weather pattern is typical for So Cal. Summer really doesn't hit until August or September. We're lucky to have a cold Thanksgiving! I want to drink hot tea and cuddle with my husband without a sheet of sweat developing between us.

The weather is supposed to cool a bit this weekend. That doesn't mean it will be cold, just not blazaing hot. We're going to a pumpkin patch (where they are actually grown!) today and it would be nice to not be sweating during the outing. A girl can hope, right?

So, I've changed my background. Come on FALL!!!!


  1. You could come visit Utah for a nice dose of cold! We have our down jackets out in the mornings and evenings - I really appreciate the change of seasons :)

  2. on the down side- we live where it is cold and rainy for 9 months of the year...on the upside, we get to choose from a million pumpkin patches to visit every year...but...have yet to get to the Little people's farm (Big people, Little World)...hee hee

  3. Let's just say...85 degrees at the pumpkin patch. Apparently changing my layout did nothing. Oh well. It was worth a shot!!


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