Sunday, November 2, 2008

A camel, a water buffalo and a race horse

You're wondering what those animals have in common, right?? No, it's not a punchline to a joke.

The commonality here is ME!

I think I'm part CAMEL with how much water I've been drinking. It's like I'm going on a long journey through the dessert and feeling the need to conserve.

I've been SO thirsty lately. If there is one thing I do crave in pregnancy it's water. I'm a water drinker to begin with, usually try to get 64oz per day. But while pregnant, I could honestly drink probably twice that much and often do exceed 64oz in a day.

But, I'm not a camel who so gracefully stores water in its humps. However I do have a few humps I wouldn't mind strategically placing some extra liquid in. (if this blog had a soundtrack, Fergie would be singing about lovely lady lumps right now)

I'm more like a WATER BUFFALO. At least that's how I'm looking and feeling. Large, cumbersome and slow moving.

Ah, now you're getting it. The RACE HORSE bit.

Yup...I pee like a stinking race horse. All the time. I wish I wasn't so thirsty, because then I wouldn't have to pee so much.

It's the worst late in the evening, which of course is close to bedtime. And even when I'm getting ready for bed I just want to drink and drink.

I get up at least once before I fall asleep to pee, maybe twice. Definately wake up at least once a night. Which is just a huge annoyance. Waking to feed a baby I can handle...waking to pee just makes me mad!

But, knowing that probably barring a major act of God, this is my last pregnancy, I am trying to remember to savor every moment. Maybe not every time I have to pee. I cherish the reason behind it though. You are so moved by my sentimentalism right now, I can tell.

Even being as thirsty as a camel, feeling like a water buffalo and peeing like a racehorse, I relish the little one growing inside me causing this mess.

Now, if you'll excuse me. I'm thirsty.


  1. he he he! Your body needs all that water . . . still irritating. Happy drinking!

  2. oh my gosh i was the same way and yes i could drink so much before bed. i also would get so irritayed about having to pee at night!


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