Monday, November 24, 2008

Fitness (Fri)Day and a few cute stories

As is par for the course, I'm posting my fitness stuff on a day other than Friday. Oh well! I'm definately slowing down a bit more and not trying to push myself as much. I did get in three days of exercise last week, which is my minimum goal. Slowly I think I will be transitioning to videos and walking and not so much running. But, when I can get out on my own, I know I will be running a bit!

My big issue as of late is a lack of veggies in my diet. I'm lucky if I get one serving of veggies per day. Which I know is bad for me and bad for the baby. I've realized one of the problems is that I have sensitive teeth, so I can't really eat any foods straight out of the fridge that require chewing. Yes, it sounds rather weak, but it's really a problem I have! I need to make a commitment and a plan to eat more veggies in a day...but so far I haven't found the motivation.

We are looking forward to time with family this week! My sisters are coming into town and we'll be gathering with both sides of the family. Of course all centered around good food! If there is one thing my family loves, it's good homecooked food. No frozen pies or canned yams for us. We want the real stuff!!

A cute story about Miss Rose this weekend... It's so funny to hear yourself echoed in your children. Miss Rose was in her room and spilled some crayons and craft supplies. She called out asking me to help clean it up. I told her no--they are her toys, it was her spill and she needed to clean it up. She began to rant and rave about how unfair it was and I was a parent and should help a child. She was attempting to bargain but of course I wasn't buying. The whole time Miss Rose was talking to me from her room while she cleaned up the mess. Her final words were "okay, I'll clean it up this time but next time you have to help." If only she had that kind of power!!

The girls had to accompany me to an OB appointment this morning. I didn't think it would make that much of an impact on Miss Rose, but she seemed really impressed by the heartbeat. She told everyone she spoke with or saw today about it. It was so sweet. She loves talking to my belly and will ask the baby if it had a good day at work with me or to have a good sleep at night.

On a final note...we had the home inspection done on the house we put an offer in on, and everything came up all clear. So, we are moving forward on the purchase. All of the sudden I feel so grown up. You'd think expecting a third child would do that....but this feels like the real deal!

Happy Thanksgiving Week!

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