Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Letter to Barak Obama

Dear President-elect Obama,

First of all let me congratulate you on winning the election this week. I wish you all the best in office and hope that you achieve much success as our president. I will be praying that God guides you in all you do.

I realize that you haven't made any decisions or created any legislation yet. But I already have a small bone to pick with you.

On Tuesday night I was watching as you came out with your family to accept the results of the presidential election. They introduced all of you by name. I had nothing against you or your family, but I was immediately annoyed.

You see, naming my babies is a big deal to me. I am very particular. I think part of it comes from my experiences with my own name--Corrina. I like my name. I like it because it's unique but not weird, feminine but still strong. It's not trendy, and even though there are many other Corrina's in the world, there are a variety of spellings.

I am predisposed against names that are in the top 100. It's not that I don't like them, some of them I really like. But if I can find a name that isn't popular or trendy I'm much happier. In fact the boy's name we had chosen before both of our daughters was born has recently become more popular and we won't be using it for our third baby if it's a boy.

So you see Mr. President-elect, I was not happy to hear your family introduced. Not because I don't want you to be president. But because with your rising notoriety, and having young children, their names are sure to become popular.

I am bitter, because your daughter Malia shares a name with my 19-month old Maleah. Granted the spellings are different, but it's the same name. I can just see the minds of pregnant women around the United States turning, considering that name for their unborn children. Because it's a unique name, probably not many have considered it. Until now.

I have a distinct suspicion that over the next four years at least, the name of our daughters will rise sharply in popularity. I wonder how many other Malia's will be in my Maleah's school. At least my Maleah has her own spelling.

I realize it's not something personal you have done to me. It's just how things happen. But I feel a little better writing you this letter. I still love my daughter's name and I'm sure you love it for your daughter as well.

So good luck Mr. President-elect. And if by some chance you have another child or name a new pet, please don't use the name Elianna either. I will keep you posted on the name we choose for our baby in February so you can keep that off your list as well.


  1. a ha!!!!
    Please don't share my name... I like being one of the few white Christelle's in this world!

  2. His wife's maiden name...ROBINSON!!!


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