Saturday, November 8, 2008

Thanks Beloved Mama!

Beloved Mama gave me an let me pass on the love.

Seven things I did before...

1. Took a few hundred youth to Mexico during Spring Break for many years

2. Watched my niece full-time for 1 year to stay home with my first baby

3. Worked at Souplantation...still one of my fave places to eat!

4. Babysat my way through college

5. Could quote much of "The Cutting Edge" annoying my family and friends

6. LOVED Amy Grant

7. I journaled.

Seven things I do now:

1. Blog!!

2. Work a 75% schedule which gives me a few days my girls!

3. Study

4. Contemplate my future with three children...

5. Try to keep the house in somewhat of an order

6. Try to stay in touch with friends on Facebook

7. Prepare balanced meals for my family

Seven things I would like to do:

1. Go visit my out of town friends more

2. Crafty stuff like sewing, quilting, digiscrap

3. Go back to Ireland and bring my whole family

4. Travel to Israel

5. Get a hair cut, color, mani & pedi

6. Be more organized

7. Not lose important things (see #6)

Seven things that attract me to my hubby:

(in no particular order)

1. His smile

2. His skin tone!

3. His sense of humor

4. His handsome face

5. How much loves us and does so much for our family

6. His guitar playing abilities

7. How good he is at saying no to stuff

Seven favorite foods...

1. Milky Way Dark

2. See's candy

3. Caramel Macchiato's (decaf, non-fat, extra hot!)

4. Italian--eggplant parmesan especially!

5. Thai--spicy noodles please!

6. Mexican- bean burritos and carne and cheese only burritos

7. Diet Coke...bad habit, but oh well!! (not so much while pregnant though)

Seven things I say most often...

1. Oh for the love

2. Listen the first time

3. Are you freaking kidding me?

4. My back hurts

5. I want to go for a run

6. You have to dance with the one who brought you

7. Someday, we'll get to spend time together.

I'm supposed to tag seven people. If you've already been tagged with this and I've listed you, feel free to not participate, but please keep the award. Here they are:

1. Park City Girl

2. A Mommy Story

3. Girl Who Loves To Run

4. The Unlikely Pastor's Wife

5. My Charming Kids

6. Adventures in Babywearing

7. Readhead Reverend

I chose these blogs because I read them often, I find them creative and unique, and I have not given them an award before...and I want to share them with you!!!

Now don't forget to grab the award!


  1. the awards keep coming my way- and apparently I'm sending them to you as well.... This time, I wanted to introduce everyone to our friends from youth group :)

    You don't have to post on it...

  2. Thanks lady! I will try to post later :)


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