Tuesday, January 20, 2009

And the car laughed...

Have you ever heard a vehicle laugh? I swear mine just did.

With all of the expense (i.e. debt) associated with a new house and moving, we've decided to wait a bit on a larger vehicle. After we see what our tax return is and get used to mortgage payments and the bills at the new place, we'll see if it's in our budget.

Many figure out how to put three carseats across one bench seat, so certainly we can too. Easy, probably not. Possible, yes.

I decided to experiment a bit with our current seats. It became quickly clear that Miss Rose and Gracie's seats are not compatible next to each other. New baby needs to be on the outside for ease of buckling and also taking the infant seat out when desired. Miss Rose is the obvious choice for the middle as she is the most self-sufficient in her seat.

As I scooted Miss Rose's seat to the middle spot, the car began to titter. And then began to just laugh right out loud. I even tried unscrewing the armrest from one seat to see if it helped. The car just laughed even louder.

I may have lost the battle, but I'm still determined to win the war! I guess we'll start with a booster for Miss Rose. My hopes of 5-point harnessing her until age 6 probably need to end. She's the size of a 6 or 7 year old, so she should be safe. If a new booster doesn't fit next to Gracie's seat--she'll have to get a new one too.

Cheaper than a car payment we perhaps can't afford, right?

And hey, CRV of mine, SHUT UP! I can still hear you laughing out in the driveway. It was worth a try alright.

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  1. he he - I'm laughing with your car - but understand the frustration!

    This was our solutions for a while . . .looks to have mixed reviews on amazon. it worked for us - sounds like the booster will be your best bet! Do you have a "date" yet?



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