Thursday, January 22, 2009


I've been grounded. Perhaps the doctor I saw yesterday was a bit over-reactive, but you gotta listen to the doc, you know?

I'm 36 wks pregnant now and at my appointment yesterday I was 1cm dilated and beginning to efface. Which really isn't that out of the ordinary, especially for a third pregnancy. But for some reason the doctor (one I haven't seen before) was very concerned that I won't even make it to my c-section date, which is 10 days before my due date even. For reasons I do plan to share in a later blog, actually going into labor is not the best thing for me or the baby.

So I'm under orders to rest a lot, no heavy lifting, no exercise etc. Which is JUST lovely to hear the weekend we are moving. No packing the boxes I've been needing to pack. No cleaning. UGH.

I'm sure some think this is like a dream--being TOLD not to do anything. But I am one who likes to stay active, to participate, and lets just face it, to be in control. And I can't do any of that.

Right now I'm sitting on the couch, stewing. Chomping at the bit to get some stuff done. Bean is at the new house finishing stuff up so we can move tomorrow night. If he comes home and I've done any work, I'm in BIG trouble.

We have great family and friends who are helping and will do whatever necessary to get us moved and settled. It's not a matter of things not getting done, it's just that I want to be able to do stuff.

But I'd definately prefer this baby wait a week or more before it makes an appearance. I still have a little baby shopping to do. Miss Rose turns 5 on Monday and is having a small pottery painting party with friends next Saturday. I don't want to miss that stuff!

Baby will come when baby will come though. It's all in God's hands. If baby needs to come earlier because it's better for one of us--then so be it!

In the meantime....I'm grounded.


  1. All that George Clooney action is making the belly stir ;O)

  2. That is a hard predicament! Hope you find something to keep you busy on the couch :)


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