Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More like home

It's hard to say why, but the transition to our new house has been very odd for Bean and I. I think it is a combination of many things. The fact that this is a "forever" home...or at least a "very long time" home. That's an odd idea, a bit of a foreign concept. This is our 5th home in 7 years of marriage, so we've been used to the constant change. It's hard to mentally grasp that we don't have to move again. That we own this home. That we can really make it our own even more over the course of time.

The other factor is the new baby coming...because we aren't settled yet, the idea of bringing a new baby home is weird. It's not quite home yet. And yet a new baby is coming. I'm starting to get to nest, but not too much yet. One of my goals this weekend was to unpack all the baby stuff so I knew where it was in order to prepare and wash it. Thankfully I found it all!! Probably over the weekend and next week I'll get it washed and ready.

Celebrating Miss Rose's 5th birthday last night helped make it feel more like home. That's what happens when you have 11 adults and 6 children in a 1100 square foot house!! It was wonderful to have family here. Yes there are stacks of boxes, lighting is inadequate, not all the curtains are up, but we had family in our home. That did a lot in making it feel more like home.

Tonight we're getting the kitchen started. Yay! Every day, a little more like home...

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  1. Glad she had a good birthday :) Family over makes a huge difference . . . take care


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