Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Never A Dull Moment Around Here

I've given up trying to plan and control life. At least for a few days! It kind of feels nice, especially since it means I am trusting in God more and my faith is increasing.

I woke up yesterday feeling pretty terrible and reminding myself--just two more weeks. I am a MUCH happier mom of a newborn than I am a 9-month pregnant lady. The sleep deprivation and craziness of three kids I can handle. My body not working, very difficult! Somehow I got us out of the house and got Miss Rose to school on time.

As the day wore on, I definately wasn't feeling better. By the time I was driving to get the kids I called Bean and said--I think it's time to go in and get checked. I'd started having more frequent and painful contractions. Better safe than sorry. Got my girls and took them to Grandma's house and Bean met me there.

When I got to the hospital I was having contractions 2-4min apart and at times lasting over a minute. I had dilated to a 2 (from 1 last week). The on-call doctor (who was consulting with the nurse over the phone) ended up having them give me 3 shots of terbutiline to relax my uterus and get the contractions to stop. Finally, it worked.

I'm not completely sure why the doctor was so determined to stop my labor as I am just a day away from 37 weeks. All I could really gather was that given my history, they felt better stopping my labor and having me figure out delivery with my own doctor.

So I'll be seeing my doctor as soon as they can get me in today. I am feeling like I am done with this pregnancy and my body is too--which it was trying to tell us last night! 37 weeks seems a bit late to be put on bedrest for just 10 days until my scheduled c-section. Plus my back gets SO painful after too much time in bed or even sitting that I would be absolutely miserable.

It may require testing the baby's lungs for maturity, but I'm hoping and praying that's what the doctor thinks is best. Or I just continue with life as usual and the next time the contractions start, it's an automatic c-section.

Tomorrow...I'll post a blog about Miss Gracie's birth...which will explain a lot of this!

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  1. ugh! I'll be praying that you get in soon, and get to meet your baby soon too.


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