Monday, January 26, 2009

The Story of Miss Rose

Miss Rose is 5 today! It's incredible to think that I've been a mother for 5 years now. That my first precious baby is 5. 5 seems like a big deal. No longer a toddler, not even a preschooler. But soon to be a kindergartener. An elementary school student.

I thought it would be fun (for me and hopefully for you too) if I recount the story of Miss Rose in celebration of her birthday.

Bean and I got married in the fall of 2001. I've always loved kids and couldn't wait to be a mom. I've always said (and my friends will vouch for its truth) that if I didn't have strong morals in high school, I probably would have gotten pregnant just to have a baby! I definately wanted to enjoy marriage with Bean, but also looked forward to becoming a mom.

In the spring of 2003 I ditched the birth control pills! We avoided pregnancy for a few months to get my body back on track and then Miss Rose was concieved the first month we "tried." I felt very blessed to concieve so easily. It took a few days for a pregnancy test to turn up positive. I was baffled that my cycle hadn't started but the test was negative. I do remember digging a test out of the trash and seeing a second line on it--but it was well past the timeframe, so I discounted it.

Finally a test came up positive in the right timeframe and I was ecstatic! Bean was scared...but excited. He also went out and bought the most expensive name brand pregnancy test he could find just to "confirm" as he didn't know if he could believe my generic test. I had a small amount of bleeding that gave us a scare early on, but an ultrasound confirmed we had a healthy baby!

I had a great pregnancy. I was fat and happy!! I would have loved to keep the baby's gender a surprise, but Bean convinced me we should find out as it was our first. We lived in a one-bedroom condo and planned to stay there with the baby until we absolutely needed to make a change. I was in grad school at the time working on my master's degree and also being a part-time associate youth pastor.

Probably the most difficult part of my pregnancy came when I was let go from my job at the church while 7 months pregnant due to a change in leadership. My belly was rather round by then, so I felt very un-employable. Thankfully God provided and I worked for a friend's daycare until shortly before birth.

At my 36-week appointment I asked my doctor to confirm that the baby was in the right position. Within seconds, she announced that my baby was quite breech. My mom had 4 drug-free births, 3 of which were at home, and I had been planning on a drug-free hospital birth. Well, Miss Rose's stubborness and large size threw a wrench into that plan. We chose to wait and see if she would turn on her own, but she never did.

I had a scheduled c-section on January 26, 2004, about 4 days before my due date. We were nervous and excited. Although I disliked having surgery--and the medications made me sleepy, nauseous and I vomited twice after she was born--Miss Rose's birth was amazing. It was surreal to look over and see her moments after birth and realize that she had been growing in my belly. She was 8lbs and 3oz---a lot of baby for a woman who is 5'4", which must be one of the reasons why she was breech.

I think we had over 20 visitors the first day in the hospital. Everyone knew we had been scheduled and they were all so excited for us and wanted to meet the baby. It was special, and tiring!

Becoming a mom for the very first time was incredible. It was everything I thought it would be and more. I have such fond memories of those first months together.

The first 5 years have been amazing, challenging and always full of surprises. I love my firstborn daughter so much, even when she challenges me. She will always be my first baby, and that is a special place in a mom's heart. (although each of my children have a special place like that, they just have different labels!)

By the way... I scheduled this to post the exact time Miss Rose was born, 5 years ago today!

A little collage of the early days and years of Miss Rose!

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  1. Happy Birthday to Miss Rose! I just discovered your blog and enjoy reading it! :)

  2. I loved reading the story! It is hard to believe she is 5 now. Love the pictures too :)

  3. Happy birthday Miss Rose! I can't believe it has been 5 years since I held her in the hospital. Crazy how fast time flies. Hope your day is filled with fun and laughter.

  4. Happy birthday Miss Rose! I can't believe it has been 5 years since I held her in the hospital. Crazy how fast time flies. Hope your day is filled with fun and laughter.

  5. Happy Birthday to Miss Rose!

    Your story sure sounds a lot like my first one! My husband and I married in 2001, and had our first baby a little over 5 years ago via c-section. He too was over 8lbs and I'm itty bitty.

    I hope you make it to your scheduled date! Again, happy birthday to your little girl!


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