Friday, February 20, 2009

The Color of My Children

Do your children have a signature color? Or maybe they did as babies. I'm sure I'm not the only one who has chosen a theme color for her babies. I'm not sure why I did this, it just kind of happened.

When I found out I was expecting my first girl, I was very against getting everything PINK. Not that I had anything against it, I just didn't want our house to look like gallons of peptobismol had spilled out. But so much that's made for baby girls is pink, so it is hard to get away from. Probably the next most popular color, at least in merchandising, is lavendar. I thought this was a great alternative---so a lot of our accent items and clothing for Miss Rose was lavendar.

Here was one of my favorite outfits for her as a baby.

And with her Barefoot Dreams blanket, which she still sleeps with often and wanted to bring for her sharing day in Pre-K (I convinced her a toy would be a better choice!).

However, if you ask Miss Rose today what her favorite color is...she'll say black. My silly anti-girl. She'll grow out of it eventually I'm sure.

When I was searching for a "coming home outfit" for Gracie in the event she was a girl...I found a sweet outfit with blue flowers...and that became here color. Blue happens to be my favorite color as well. Her crib bedding had blue tulips on it.

Here's the hospital outfit (someone actually gave it to me in a larger size as well, so she had the look for months!).

And her 1st Birthday Dress

When I began to think about clothes for baby #3, I thought it would be fun to find something red if it was a girl since baby would be arriving around Valentine's Day. Because of LC's early arrival, I hadn't yet found that perfect outfit. But one of my good friends knew about my red idea and brought a dress for LC to the hospital that she had purchased for one of her girls who was born near V-Day also, but never used.

She also found a Carter's outfit set in red which included this.
I've since bought this blanket and this sling. And if money were no object, I'd buy this diaper bag! The same friend made me an awesome red heart patterned blanket--I will share pic's of that soon.

I may go overboard on the red thing. But heck, LC is probably my last baby, so I want to live it up!!

So, what colors are your kids?
And speaking of color, do you agree with me that LC seems to be quite a mix of the other girls? I think her coloring will be more like Miss Rose, but I see some of Gracie in her too. The other day Bean said--do you think the baby is still jaundiced? She seems yellow. I said no--she's just Mexican! Gracie is so fair that we got used to seeing a very light skinned baby. But I think LC favors Daddy in skin tone.

It's so fun to see them grow and develop just how God created them.


  1. I did that with my kids too. I made each of my babies a quilt, with each of them being a different color. Blue for my oldest, green for my 2nd. son, pink for my first daughter, and purple for my 2nd. daughter.

    Turns out that my 2nd. son didn't agree with me on the green- he couldn't understand why I didn't make him a red quilt! I tried explaining that I didn't know what his favorite color would be because he was still in the womb at the time! He still didn't think it was fair, though.

    I have ended up choosing colors for my daughters when doing sippy cups- pink & purple lids for one of the girls, and green & orange for the other. Only way to keep who's is who's apart!

    Beautifull babies, by the way!

  2. They are so pretty!! It does seem like your youngest is a combo of her sisters. I had favorite colors for my kids too - pink for my first girl, black for my 2nd girl (yes, black!) and then we were so glad when our 3rd was a boy - the blues, browns, tans, greens, oranges are so refreshing to look at.


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