Thursday, February 26, 2009

LC is 4 Weeks Old!

Can you believe how time flies? Sweet baby girl is already 4 weeks old.

My peanut was 7lbs, 8oz and 20 inches long at her appointment today. Interestingly enough, that was my exact size at birth...and the size Miss Rose was when we brought her home. (Gracie was never quite that small).
She's gained a little more than a pound and grown an that's perfect for a one-month old. She's just small because she was born a bit early and small at birth. I have no complaints though. Makes her easier to carry around and fun to cuddle. And her clothes will fit forever. We're finally wearing newborn sizes, but even those are still big on her.
Going to the dr. today I had Gracie with me and made a mental list of the different carrying/strolling arrangements I could use. Gracie is slow (when she wants to be) and so having her walk is not always easiest. I decided to put her in the umbrella stroller and carry LC in the sling.

Three different moms of newborns in the dr. office asked me about my sling. If you are mom to an infant and don't have a sling--I highly recommend one! Especially if you have other children. But even if you don't, it can be easier to put the baby in a sling for a quick trip into a store, rather than pull the infant seat out of the car or get out the stroller. I like a pouch sling (although I buy on ebay and saved 50%) but there are also adjustable ring slings and a variety of other babywearing devices.

Here are a few pictures from yesterday's mom photo shoot! I am no photographer and the pic's have some lighting issues--but the perfection was the baby, not the lighting!


  1. The last picture is by far my favorite. She is so cute and it looks like she is going to have some amazing lips! She is perfect!


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