Monday, February 16, 2009

Things I'm Learning

Here's some stuff I'm learning in my life right now, which will also serve to catch you up with the No Crying Mama.

~Three is a lot different than two. I'm sure once we're in more of a routine and the baby is a few months old it will get a bit easier. But three is a whole new world. (However, if money, space and jobs weren't an issue, I secretly would still want 4!)

~Third babies spend a lot of time in the carseat and swing.

~Third babies also start to protest how much time they spend in these seats by dinnertime and demand to be held. I don't blame her and I wish I had more time to hold her. Once big sisters are in bed, Lily gets a lot of cuddling from mom and dad.

~Drive-thru Starbucks are a mom's best friend. I know where all of them are in a 10 mile vincinty and am often found organizing my errands so that I can drive thru. I'm drinking decaf, but it still perks me up.

~I can easily see how people get in a Starbucks a day habit. Although I limit mine to 2 a week or so.

~All of the exercise during pregnancy was worth it, no matter how exhausted it made me sometimes. I'm bouncing back from my c-section much better and will hopefully have 10lbs or less to work at losing.

~Lily must still miss my womb because she sleeps best at night curled up right next to me

~This sleeping position usually causes me a stiff neck and other various aches and pains.

~Bean is an amazing dad and husband, no matter how high the bar gets raised, he sails over it.

~A full and busy life means a full heart and it's totally worth it.


  1. Add a third was the most challenging for us too! But #4 was so easy - he just joined the already full life! Glad you are bouncing back easily - I know 10# for you will be a cinch :) I would not trade my quiverful for anything, life is so full and amazing, even with all the challenges!

  2. Did you get the tubal or is #4 a possibility? Glad you are settling in well!

  3. I did not get a tubal. Chickened out a few weeks before..mostly just concerned about jacking my body when I have so many years left before "the change"! LOL. Bean plans on getting the it still would have to be an act of God!


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