Saturday, February 28, 2009

What's Your Vice?

We all have vices. Some are harmless, some not so much.

I've blogged before about my diet coke addiction! I definately cut back during my pregnancy, but I didn't cut it out completely. The same holds true right now while I'm breastfeeding. I haven't noticed much of an effect on LC when I drink a soda, so I've been indulging a bit.

However I was recently challenged by my friend Jewels to give it up, once again. Well, she blogged about the potential ill effects of diet soda, and called me out anonymously as a fellow addict--so I offered to give it up if she would. And she's taken me up on the offer! I always do better with this kind of thing with accountability, so I trust we'll be successful.

One of the things she commented on was that there is some research indicating that artificial sweeteners (which diet soda is loaded with) actually make you crave sugar. I must say, I do think its true. I'm hoping that if I give up Diet Coke, I'll crave less sweets! I am pretty sure this is in the You On a Diet book (which my friend here is reading, and I need to read again!)

On the occasions that I have wanted and tried to quit drinking Diet Coke, one of the difficulties was that Bean is an avid drinker as well! When we got married he was a Dr. Pepper addict, but he switched to Diet Coke in an effort to cut back on calories. BUT....a few days ago he decided to quit drinking it for a while too. We think he may have some reflux or digestive stuff going on, and soda definately aggrevates it.

So, what's your vice? Want to give it up with Jewels and I? We're starting Monday. Even if you read this after Monday, you can still pick a start date and join the fun!

And I'll tell you what's not fun...LC has been super colicky the last few nights. It took us almost 2 hours to settle her last night. Just when she would start to fall asleep, her little body would stiffen and she'd cry out in pain. Eventually we'd get her to burp or spit up and she'd be better. So I'm thinking it might be an issue with my diet. Miss Rose was sensitive to dairy, so maybe LC is too. I just bought a yummy pint of Ben and Jerry's last night and haven't tasted it yet. Looks like it's going to have to wait a few days while I cut dairy out of my diet and see if that helps LC. Life is just better with ice cream though!

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  1. I've never been able to drink diet stuff, the chem taste is nasty to me! I would love to give up sugar, but then I would also give up coffee, as it is needed in each cup. . . I can't really do that can I!?


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