Monday, March 2, 2009

Adjustments for the Middle Child.

Want to know what it's like to have a toddler in the house when you bring home a new baby? Here it is in photos.

Look Mama, the baby's hospital hat can fit me too! (notice the baby blankets piled at my feet on the floor. They are fun to play with)

How exactly does Mama use this to feed the baby? I love buckles and it has one, so let me try. (Mama did not capture the moment on film where I was using the pillow and nursing the stuffed lamb from my belly button)

Maybe I can use it for something else. A backrest while reading perhaps.

Some days I just want to hide. Or at least play hide and go seek.

It seems like just yesterday I was cuddled up in a baby seat. Just one more sit in the bouncer won't hurt, right? All covered up too, just like baby sister.

Let me get out all the doll paraphenalia. Clearly I don't fit IN the doll cradle, so I'll just lean against it and pile blankets all around.

Then again...maybe I'm too old for this baby stuff. I'll check out big sister's bike helmet. And Mama, I know you are busy with the new baby, but can you please dress me in pants that aren't highwaters? These are getting a bit small.

Even if I am adjusting, even if I am the middle child now...
I'm still the CUTEST thing ever!

(BTW...I apologize for the non-uniform spacing of the photos. I can never seem to get the photos to do what I want them to in Blogger...and that one photo just won't post the right way.)


  1. Cute!! I remember the first few months after Jaden was born and Micah was still adjusting... he would run across the room towards me nursing and body slam both of us really hard. I think he wanted some attention too :)

  2. Those pictures have familiar feel to them! Em & Sophia both did similar stuff while we were transitioning with a new baby :) Your right she is the cutest thing ever!

  3. Gracie has definately done the body slam thing as well!!


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