Monday, March 16, 2009

Back to Work

Obviously I've been a bit absent this past week. It was my first week back to my full work schedule. It actually went really well--but didn't leave much blogging time. Which is a shame because I have some great material.

Although it was a full week and tiring at times, I confirmed that I thrive on routine. Hmmm...that must be why my kids have routines and don't do well when we deviate! My state of mind was much better this past week and my fatigue levels weren't as high. I didn't really miss taking naps.

Baby LC was pretty well behaved with Mama at work. Although I don't think she'll spend 6 months with me at work like Gracie did, I think we can hang for several more weeks--which means the world to me. A huge blessing is for the first time I'm actually able to pump more than she needs in a bottle right now. She's getting a few bottles of Mama's milk each week as there are times I have meetings and a bottle feeding is more appropriate--or my busy Sunday mornings. I've been a rather poor pumper with the other girls. I usually had to pump twice to get enough for one bottle. I didn't start pumping quite as soon with them, so I hope my supply is getting established and I can continue the trend. I'm trying to get a stash in the freezer for when LC isn't with me.

The big girls (I can't believe I have to consider Gracie a "big" girl) have sinus infections and are on antibiotics. I learned something interesting from my pediatrician. Infants don't develop sinuses until after three months and it's very rare for a newborn to get this sort of infection because she still has my antibodies. I wonder if I could get a 5yr old and a 2yr old to use a Neti pot.

I have been cleared to start exercising--whoo hoo!! I've been out (in my new neighborhood!) for a few short runs. I can definately tell I haven't run in two months, but it felt so good to be out there. I think this weekend I may try for a 4-miler.

Dairy is no longer a part of my diet :( LC is doing much better since I've eliminated it. I'm finding it challenging to eat enough calories from healthful foods. At the end of the night tonight I needed at least 500 more calories. I settled for a bowl of oatmeal with brown sugar. I miss ice cream!!

We are excited that Bean's schedule at his 2nd job has changed. He's only working Friday and Sunday nights for longer shifts. It's going to make a huge difference to have him home all the weeknights.

Maybe I'll have more blogging time with him home!


  1. Congratulations on your first week back at work! That must feel like a huge accomplishment. That's SO great that you can take the baby with you and the pumping is going so good. You are wise to start pumping this early to get a good supply going.

    I wonder if Micah might have a sinus infection too... I haven't taken him in but maybe I should. We're going on Day 3 of a fever...

  2. Sometimes I read your blog and I just can't believe how similar we are. I mean who else's uses a Neti Pot? The Neti pot is one of the best things and it saved my life when I was pregnant and had a really bad cold. I had to do the no dairy with Gianna also. It's hard but not nearly as hard as being gluten and corn intollerent during my pregnancy. Milk really creeps into so many foods that you would not expect. Love that you can run again! I ran today for 20 minutes which I know sounds lame but I have not run for 3 years because of a major back injury and then being prego.


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