Friday, March 27, 2009

Can we get that "to go" please?

Apparently we STILL haven't learned the limitations of three small children. You'd think after the Costco and picture fiascos--I'd know to just stay home where the craziness can be contained.

But oh no, when Miss Rose requested a dinner out last night, and we had a coupon to a sit-down pizza place, we were blinded by our fatigue at the end of a week and the thought of someone serving us and cleaning up after us. We piled the kids in the minivan and headed to Sammy's Woodfired Pizza.

I must preface this story with the fact that LC has had a difficult week. It seems mostly digestive and I'll be talking to the dr. next week about reflux and the possibility that she needs medication. I am not a fan of medicating such a small baby, but the girl has been miserable. Long periods of inconsolable crying and obvious pain. Even though she's been going to the chiropractor and even though I've been adjusting my diet.

It seemed that LC fell asleep in the car. Well, she did. And she stayed asleep as we were seated and ordered. Miss Rose, who wanted to go in the first place, became impatient for her food. Gracie wanted to sit with me rather than in the highchair.

The baby woke...and was once again inconsolable. Bean took her outside to walk and hopefully calm her while I wrangled the other girls. He returned not long after, and LC was still crying. He says it was 20 minutes later. I guess the time flew as I drew pictures with Gracie, had Miss Rose write the alphabet, retrieved dropped crayons and the like.

LC calmed for a bit in my arms, but it didn't last. So it was my turn to go outside. Meanwhile Miss Rose spilled her Sprite and Gracie was yelling for me. I could hear her through the glass door calling "Mommy." I went back inside and the decision was quickly made to just get our food to go.

Gracie, LC and I went to the van while Bean and Miss Rose waited a few more minutes for the food to be packaged up. I will say, in spite of it all, we remained rather calm and were able to laugh as we drove home.

Apparantly you shouldn't venture to an actual restaurant with three small children, especially a new baby who is having tummy problems. We won't be making that mistake again for a long time. We'll stick to Rubios and Pick Up Stix for our dinners "out" and even then, we'll probably eat it at home.

So, we've joined the ranks of those with crying, out of control children who had to leave a restaurant. At least most of it was a baby who can't help herself yet. It's still pretty funny though.

Here's to hoping I WON'T have a similar story next week. I WILL learn my lesson!


  1. Oh my - I think I would have cried!!! Good for you that you guys laughed your way through it. I hope her reflux gets better soon - what a major bummer.

  2. So sorry LC is having tummy problems. We had the same problem with Gianna because they gave her so much soy formula in the NICU. After we got home I just pumped like crazy and then cut out all dairy, brocolli, cabbage, beans etc... I swear the thing that worked the best was using the swaddler and doing the happiest baby on the block techniques from the video. If you dont' have it let me know and I will mail it to you to borrrow. Jewels

  3. Oh ya one last thing I also took a sock and put uncooked rice in it. Then when she was really upset we would heat it up in the micro and put it on her tummy. That seemed to help sometimes also.


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