Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunrise, Sunset

Do you remember the movie, Fiddler on the Roof? I'm sure we've all seen it or parts of it. Probably the most well-known song from the movie is "Sunrise, Sunset" where parents sing about their children who are now grown up and it seems like just yesterday they were little. I really only know one line from the song--actually just part of a song, "Is this the little girl I used to..." I don't know the rest.

But I look at Miss Rose and think--is this the little girl I used to dress cute and dream of her playing dolls and house just like I did? Granted yes--she's grown a lot in 5 years--she's Amazon Child, remember? She was only "little" for about 6 months!

What I didn't expect was for her to so whole-heartedly embrace a tomboy status. I'm the first to admit I'm NOT a girly-girl, nor do I treat my daughters that way. Sometimes I think maybe that's why God gave me daughters to raise. He knew I would raise them with balance, to be realistic and not over-emotional or dramatic. Or at least I would attempt to. I do "cute" but not frilly with my girls.

A friend at church yesterday commented that Gracie was so "girly" and Miss Rose was so "not"!

Somehow, Miss Rose has taken this to the extreme. Until she was about 4, I could pick out her clothes each day and her Sunday dresses. She didn't have much of an opinion. This past summer she developed an opinion. Shorts and tank tops are the wardrobe of choice...regardless of the weather. Miss Rose detests jeans. She'd much rather wear "comfy" pants with elastic waistbands.

Sundays are a HUGE fight in our house. I don't want to make her wear "church clothes" every week. I figure that would only make her fight me more and for longer. But I do insist upon nice clothes--not play clothes. Sometimes I commit the crime of insisting on jeans. (She has the CUTEST pair from the GAP outlet. I think it's a crime she won't wear them more often).

Oh, and don't even think about doing anything with her hair. Miss Rose has beautiful (albeit a bit crazy) long, curly hair. She consents to a daily spritzing of water and gel to calm it down. But again, barrettes and rubber bands are fuel for an argument. Although I do insist upon it once or twice a week. I've gotta remind her who is in charge, right?

I was a tomboy, partially because my brother was just 18 months younger and my constant playmate. I loved my baby dolls though! I would make my brother play baby dolls for a while, then I'd go outside and get dirty with him. Although I was a tomboy, I loved dressing up for church on Sundays. I do not remember being adamant about nothing girl like Miss Rose.

We must ask for the Boy Happy Meal at McD's. And any stickers or character band-aids or themed toys must be Spiderman or Batman. Bike helmet--black please. Her favorite pasttime lately--shooting dart shotguns with our 9-yr old neighbor. Thanks to her Uncle for getting her the dart double barrel shotgun for Christmas.

I know that she will grow out of it. Last summer she was wearing just her underware almost every day (that combined with her crazy hair = the "Mowgli" nickname bestoyed by one of her aunts) and now she is VERY private. So things do change. At least I have two other girls to dress cute for church. I have at least a good 3-4 years before ALL of them have their own opinions!

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Miss Rose!


  1. She is absolutely gorgeous! Definitely model material

  2. awe, your daughters are adorable!


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