Tuesday, March 31, 2009


It's difficult to blog as much as I would like to. The evenings after the girls are in bed is usually my blogging time...but lately that's also when Lily is most fussy and I'm holding, nursing, shushing, rocking, swaying, bouncing, burping and doing whatever else it takes to make her happy. I'm up later than I should be tonight and Bean is holding her (she's asleep!) so here are some tidbits.

Yes...I've decided to just call the baby Lily on my blog. The other girls go by nicknames--partially for anonymity, partially because they have somewhat uncommon names and I am rather possessive of them! But Lily is just Lily...

Miss Rose is on round 2 of antibiotics for a nasty sinus infection. When the girls had sinus infections at Christmas time, Gracie needed two rounds--this time it's Miss Rose's turn. The first antibiotic she was on seems to have caused an allergic reaction and we've been fighting hives for over a week now.

And the sickness just never ends! Lily has had a cold for at least 3 weeks. Last week I took her in and the dr. felt like it would probably work itself through but gave me some guidelines for monitoring her. She developed a fever this afternoon--so into Urgent Care we went. The diagnosis is an ear infection and antibiotics. I feel terrible that my 9-week old is having her first introduction to antibiotics, but I guess that's what happens when you have two older sisters. Unfortunately I know a few families who are fighting illness after illness like we are.

The 30-Day Shred starts tomorrow! I'm scared and excited. I think it's majorly going to kick my behind...but I thrive on being sore from exercise. I just hope my pregnancy-weakened back holds up. Of course I would choose a Wednesday--my busiest day--to start. Which means I must drag myself out of bed at 5:30am to make sure I fit it in.

Life with three kids still continues to challenge us. Nights are a whirlwind. When I got home from Urgent Care tonight Bean said "I got a taste of your life tonight, and it's hard!" Our top priority is being good parents--which means some of the other things slide, and that's what we are having to get used to. Bean and I are typical oldest children who like our ducks in a row. But we're lucky if all the ducks (the children and other things of life) are just in our line of vision.

I can't believe Lily is already two months old. And Gracie turns 2 on Sunday. Next week I'll make sure to share some new photos.

Life is zooming by.


  1. Poor Lily!!! Hang in there... I got the video tonight to start the Shred tomorrow. We'll see how it goes, huh? :) You are a LOT more dedicated than me and I hope to live up to the challenge! :)

  2. It DOES get easier, I promise :)

  3. I know antibiotics stink. Gianna had a full round while in the NICU for the first 7 days of her life and I hated it. I can't believe you got up at 5:30! You are so die hard I know 100% for sure I would not be able to with three sick kids and a fussy newborn. Your a ROCK!!!!

  4. Exercise is my sanity :) I honestly cope with life much better when I've had it. So making the sacrifices are easier because I know the benefits for me mentally.


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