Thursday, March 5, 2009

Will every Wednesday be like this?

We ventured back to church last night as a family of 5. What an adventure. Seriously. If every Wednesday is like this, I think Bean and I may deconstruct one of these weeks!

The church serves a dinner before everything starts for $2/person--which makes going to church easier. After we ate dinner Bean took LC in the stroller to get our group ready. The girls took off with their cousins and uncle and I followed shortly after.

When I got to the children's Gracie.

Ran back over and searched all over...still no Gracie. Someone saw me looking and pointed me in the direction of the sound booth. Gracie had apparently gone to find a private place to take care of her well as adjust some levels and push buttons.

Thought I lost my cell phone...Bean went on a hunt for it, only to find that it was still in the van.

Changed the diaper, got everyone situated. About halfway through our small group, LC began to fuss. Bean took her out so I could continue. Saw him through the large windows walking back and forth, he came in for a diaper. Found out he had one of the nursery workers change it (he can't usually get her diaper on again before she pee's everywhere!). LC was having none of it though.

Went to the nursery and fed LC. Got the kids. Who ran around like crazy with the cousins. Finally gathered the children, their artwork from class, a few baby gifts and other paraphenalia. Made our way to the van. LC was NOT happy to be in the carseat again. She's used to being home at that time of night having her individual time with us.

Wrangled all the kids in the van, LC screaming, Miss Rose and Gracie trying to talk over them. Also managed several conversations with people who wanted to chat. LC screamed most of the way home. Miss Rose was hungry, Gracie was her wild self.

I think we managed to get the girls in bed within 20min of arriving home, which is pretty good. But they were in bed over an hour past their normal bedtime.

Really? Seriously now folks. This is why families give up on going to church mid-week. But it's kind of my job...and I like my kids going to their we will make it work. But it's sure to provide some good material for my blog!

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  1. I LOVE this entry! This is exactly how I felt right after Justin was born! It is such a huge adjustment going from two to three. I have heard other parents say this too. It's like, as soon as they outnumber you, you are in trouble. Our family has an all out brawl every Sunday morning too. I can feel your pain, as my oldest has a FIT about her clothes and what "feels comfortable" and what is "sparkly" or "embarrassing". The younger girl doesn't even want her hair brushed. We could get up 3 hours early and still be 15 mins late to church. It is SO aggravating! Ha ha. I HATE being late and we are always late as a family. It's just the way it goes and I am beginning to accept it.

    But you will find that you will settle into a "new normal". And, while it never really gets less crazy, you will feel like pulling your hair out less and less. :)

    You are a great mom. Bean is a great dad. (I've never met him but I'm sure this is true). God is a great God. And He will order your family the way it's meant to be. Aren't we so blessed to have such precious little ones and to have all we need?

    God is so good.


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