Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Are you serious?

I came home this afternoon to a lethargic Gracie, burning up with fever on the couch. I had seen her at lunchtime and she was a bit out of it and didn't want to eat. She's cutting her back molars, so I gave her Motrin and figured she'd perk up.

It was not to be so.

She clearly felt terrible. She hardly tolerated touch and just laid on the couch. I gave her motrin, which she vomited up with the conents of her stomach from the day, less than 30 minutes later.

Bean brought her to the bathtub where she vomited a bit more. Poor little thing kept saying "messy" in her feverish, quivering voice.

I quickly cancelled my responsibilities at church for the night, but Miss Rose was very upset to have to miss her class. Thankfully a friend who lives near us was already at church--so Bean took her and the friend brought her home.

This is the glamorous life of a parent. Bean has been right here the whole night. Lily isn't running a fever any longer, but has strong opinions about being held.

Last I checked, her temperature was 102.9. I'm hoping it's a simple virus that will pass quickly. Since she was a baby, whenever Gracie runs a fever she usually vomits. It sometimes seems more related to the fever then to whatever illness she has.

It can't always be like this, right? It's just a bad spell. Everyone will get healthy and we'll find a routine.

Gracie turns 2 on Sunday and we have a party planned. I certainly hope everyone is healthy and whole by then.

I did it this morning! I was actually able to get out of bed at 5:30am, which is just 30 minutes earlier than normal on a workday for me.

People pretty much think I'm crazy for getting up so early to exercise. In some ways I agree. But I've learned over the past few years that exercise has the ability to keep me sane. I'm sure it's related to the endorphins and adrenaline. Plus my state of mind can also be closely related to how I feel about my body.

So sacrificing 30minutes of morning sleep is well worth it. This has been a busy, crazy day--but all day long I've felt good that I already exercised.

Trust me though, I won't be getting up EVERY morning at 5:30. The days I'm home with my babies, I'm sure I'll exercise later in the morning or afternoon.


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry!!! That sounds rough. Poor Gracie! I hope they get better soon and can celebrate her birthday!

  2. I feel like a broken record....this too shall pass :D


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