Friday, April 17, 2009

A Photo Update

Clearly, blogging time is slim to none right now. Which is a bummer because I have (what I think are) some pretty funny blog topics in mind. I guess they will have to wait.

But for now, here's a little update in photos of life lately.

I know I already shared about Gracie's birthday, but here's a bit more.

Our little monkey Gracie turned 2...

Mama made an attempt at a creative cake...cupcakes that looked like Curious George's balloons.

Gracie had so much fun (during her nap time) that she conked out on the couch minutes after we got home.

Gracie went to her first Easter Egg Hunt.

Miss Rose is an Egg Hunt pro!
Bean and his firsts two girls. Yes, that's a scowl on Gracie's face. Why, we're not sure. Sometimes she just decides she's bent out of shape.

Mama and the "big" girls.

Gracie striking a pose.

No, it's not's sisterly love. I decided not to fight Miss Rose about wearing a dress and settled for a cute top and capri's on Easter.

And little Lily showing off her Easter duds. Yes, she looks like she has clown feet. No, she doesn't. It's just the fact that her shoes are a bit too big (is there a such thing as shoes that fit a newborn?) and the angle of the shot.
I learned that if I want a photo of all the kids's better to try on a day other than the holiday! It wasn't worth waking Lily to get her in on the photos at church...and by the time church was over we were all done! My mom does have a shot on her camera of all of us, but I haven't seen it yet.

Lily has begun to develop a bedtime around maybe, just maybe I'll be able to blog more.

Shredding Update...
I'm still at it! I had to miss 3 days due to a minister's conference. I brought the DVD and a small DVD player with great intentions, but I spent very little time in my room and was of course caring for Lily too--so no shredding. I was having some issues with my back, so it probably was good that I rested. Level 2 is a real tail-kicker, but I like it. I'm still not sure how much weight I've lost, if any. My body is really resisting losing right now. I guess it's just from nursing and the post-pregnancy adjustments. I think I have lost inches though and I'm feeling more toned and strong. Next week...Level 3!


  1. Lily is getting so big already! Cute pictures :) Way to go with the shredding, too. I hope to start back up today after taking 3 days off myself. I need to get a knee brace, though...

  2. Love Lily's dress :) So cute!
    In order to support you, I took 2 days off also. Jaimie, I had to get a knee brace too. I feel so old!


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