Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Typical Sunday

Want a peak into a typical Sunday for us? Let me re-cap this week's for you.

5am--baby wanted to nurse.

530am--I got up to exercise (wanted to make sure I got it in...but I was yawning a lot during the first service, so I may forego the early workout on Sundays)

630am--girls woke as I was getting ready, interacted some with them--but Bean got up to dress them.

See, I need to be at church at 7:30am on Sundays. Miss Rose likes to come with me to get a donut and go to her early Sunday School class. Gracie is old enough to not want to be left out, so she usually comes too

7am--baby wakes again--I decide to do a quick nursing and save the bottle for Bean to feed her later

7:07--Bean decides he might as well come early with us and just take care of the baby at church

We scramble to finish gathering everything and get out of the door

7:21--finally leaving, about 5min late

7:22--I get 1/2 block down the street and realize I left the coffee pot on in the mayhem to leave (I'm a creature of habit and throw off my routine and everything gets messed up!)

7:37--get to church, I am late, but make it in for the closing prayer of our brief staff meeting

7:45am--I have a few tasks to complete prior to the first service. Bean buys the girls donuts, which they eat after their applesauce

8:00am--girls just want to be with me, but I'm working.

8:05am--Lily is fussing, she's still in her jammies which are now spit-up and drool soaked. I pick her up out of the carseat to find she's exploded all over her jammies and the carseat. I think all the poop shot out of the diaper.

8:06am--there are no wipes in the diaper bag. Bean runs over to the nursery to borrow some.

8:10am--Lily is finally changed. Gracie now stinks. Bean takes big girls to Sunday School where he changes Gracie.

8:30-9:30--we fight with Lily to keep her asleep during service. It's naptime, but she's fidgety. Finally she conks out

10am--Bean is teaching a little girl guitar, Miss Rose and her cousin are telling me of their plan for cousin to stay with us and come over for the day, Gracie is tired and clingy, Lily is ready to eat--I am running the Information Booth at church.

10:10am--a friend is feeding Lily her bottle, Miss Rose and cousin are off to SS and Gracie is with me

10:30am--Bean takes Gracie to her class, he leaves with Lily to go grocery shopping

11am--our number pops up...Gracie is poopy again...they don't change diapers in the 2yr old class

12:20--I'm done praying with people at the alter (great service and message!) and getting the girls. They are all the last ones in their class (always the pastor's kids)

12:30--I bribe the girls (my 2 and their cousin) with Breathsavers to sit calmly while I finish up my duties.

12:40--leaving church, Bean calls with a screaming Lily in the background

1pm--home, feeding Lily, Bean's feeding the girls

2pm--Bean leaves to go back to church for his custodial gig

3:30pm--Gracie wakes, is pretty out of it

4:30pm--Gracie pukes all over and has a slight fever (teething related most likely)

There is a bit more, but it's pretty mundane.

THAT is my crazy Sunday!! It's pretty much always like that with a few variables. It's a unique situation since I'm working on Sundays but my family gets to be with me. And because Bean is pretty involved with worship on Sundays, it's just an entire family affair. We were spoiled the year we lived next to the church because I would have babysitters come over and help with the kids when we had early mornings.

My kids do love going to church and being there (even if Miss Rose won't dress up!) and I am so thankful for that. As they get older, they may not want to be there so much "extra" but that's okay. Right now it's great that they feel safe and comfortable and enjoy being there and going to their classes.

This is why though, it's a bit crazy at times, to be a pastor and the mother of small children! (Oh and I forgot to mention the short break I had to take during the 2nd service to go pump...that too comes with the territory right now)


  1. That made me tired. :) I don't know how you do it.

  2. THAT is amazing. I would have had a nervous breakdown by now - almost did while reading it :) That is good that Bean can help you so you can do ministry on Sundays; for us it is the other way around - I think it would be crazy with both doing it at the exact same time. It is hard to be taking a break (for the last 4 years) so he can do it right now, but there are times where he takes a break so that I can do what I feel called to do too. God will give you both the strength to get through this season!


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