Friday, April 3, 2009

What a night, what a Champ

Wednesday night was one for the books in our house. After getting off the phone with a nurse about 10:30pm, Bean went out to purchase some fever-reducer administered other than orally, for Gracie who wasn't keeping a thing down. She was burning up at 103 by then.

After he returned home, the medicine was administered and we waited for it to take effect. Gracie was finally a bit more comfortable and we headed to bed by midnight. We decided to put Gracie in the pack-n-play at the end of our bed in case she vomited or needed attention during the night. Lily of course was next to me in the co-sleeper.

We did not get much sleep. Gracie ended up in between us most of the night for comfort. Bean was A CHAMP and primarily took care of her. I was passed out from being so tired. It probably didn't help that I had been awake at 5:30am that morning to Shred. I still was up a few times with Gracie or Lily.

Let me take a minute to brag on Bean. He is such a great father and contributer to the family. He does whatever is needed, wakes during the night when I need assistance with something, runs out for medicine late at night. Bean went into work late on Thursday so he could take Miss Rose to school while I stayed home with the sick girl.

I'm happy to report Gracie is doing MUCH better. She wanted to be with me on the couch all morning on Thursday, but around noon her fever broke and she got off the couch some to play and eat bland foods. I guess it was one of those 24-hour viruses but so far the rest of us are healthy.

I'm done with Day 3 of The Shred. There is definite soreness in several areas of my body. For some reason my calves are the worst. It hurts to just walk around and going up stairs--KILLER! Hopefully in a day or two they'll adjust to the exercises. The routine is getting a bit easier--but I know in 7 more days we move up to Level 2 and it will be a new soreness!

I've decided to not weigh myself this entire month. I usually get on the scale several times a week...which isn't the best. On one hand it does hold you accountable--but on the other hand it can be quite depressing when you think there should be a change and there isn't. In the last 4 weeks my body has changed, but the scale hasn't. Hopefully when I weigh in on May 1st there will be some change on the scale--but really I'm counting on my clothes being looser!

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  1. So glad she is feeling better - that's hard! I really want to shred with you . . . haven't been able to purchase the dvd :( Hopefully soon!


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