Friday, May 22, 2009

Beginnings and Endings

Have you given much thought to how much of parenting consists of the balance between beginnings and endings? It struck me the other day. I think that perhaps the early years of children have more of these. It seems that nothing stays the same for long.

Right now...

Gracie is ready to begin potty-training and end diaper wearing

I am waiting for Lily to begin sleeping through the night

I hope to end swaddling Lily while she sleeps

Miss Rose is ending her first school experience and will begin actual Kindergarten in the fall.

I suppose it keeps life fresh. It truly is a never-ending cycle of starts and stops.

At times it can feel overwhelming and confusing as you, the parent, figures it all out. Sure, much of it happens naturally over time. But we also play active rolls in each process.

Being a parent is a big deal. It's a lot of work. It takes a lot of thought and effort.

And I love it.

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