Friday, May 8, 2009

Crazy 8's

It's so difficult to have the brainpower to blog at the end of a day. I'm understanding why mama's with new babies don't blog as often, especially ones that work!

My IRL long-time friend at Triple Blessing tagged me, and I think I can find the brainpower to complete these lists!

8 Things I Look Forward To

1. Having our new home put together completely (I think it may take months)
2. Having my parents master suite completed and them moved in
3. Relaxing on the couch with Bean at the end of the day
4. Shopping for clothes in my normal size
5. Being able to eat dairy again
6. Date night with hubby tomorrow
7. Holding the baby and having my bigger girls clamor to be next to me
8. Seeing my sisters when they visit

8 Things I Did Yesterday

1. Took Miss Rose to school, Gracie to my mom's and Lily to work with me
2. Worked (I actually accomplished quite a bit)
3. Spent lots of money at Target stocking the girls up for summer
4. Double Shredded-I was feeling the need for more of a workout, so I did Level 3 and then Level 2.
5. Bathed all three kids (with Bean's assistance)
6. Laundry
7. Drank a non-fat milk caramel macchiato (baby was a bit fussy and more spit-up today, but I needed the splurge)
8. Watched Grey's Anatomy

8 Things I Wish I Could Do

1. Sew and be crafty!
2. Make money from home
3. Read more often
4. Run every day (or almost every day)
5. Clean my house more often (really clean, not just pick up)
6. Sleep 7 hours straight!
7. Wear my normal clothes
8. Spend more time with friends

8 "Grown Up" Shows I Watch

1. American Idol
2. The Biggest Loser
3. Amazing Race
4. Grey's Anatomy
5. The Office
6. Ellen
7. Say Yes To The Dress
8. House-hunting and home decorating shows

8 Bloggers Tagged For The Task

1. Jewels @ The Good Life

2. Julie @ The Gross Family

3. Beloved Mama

4. Morgan @ Adventures In Diapering

5. Jen @ Colorado Anderson's

6. Tricia @ Our Adventurous Life

7. The Unlikely Pastor's Wife

I only have 7 I can tag! Triple Blessing and I have too many blogger friends in common and she already tagged them :)

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