Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekly Blog...

That seems to be what this has turned into. I do enjoy blogging, so I will take what I can get.

Life is going on...the girls are growing...every day is organized chaos. Chaos that I love and thrive on!

Miss Rose is finishing up her EAK class. Last week her class read Teddy Bear Picnic and we were invited to join them on Friday for a picnic. I brought a picnic lunch for all of us and we enjoyed a good time. My sister happened to be visiting, so it was nice to not have to wrangle all three plus lunch by myself!

Gracie is a character as usual. Last Thursday she was especially making me laugh. She was still in her jammies (a nightgown with non-matching pants underneath). I went to the car to get something and next thing I know, she's walking out to me with a bright green mesh laundry basket in one hand and an oven mitt on the other. Why? Why not of course!! She also tried to stuff the same basket in the bottom part of our armoire. I'm not sure what her plan was there.

The same day Gracie came to me in the kitchen and said "I need scissors." Really? You are barely two. It scares me that you know enough about scissors to ask for them. Of course I did not comply. I did some interrogation and she had a plastic toy that she thought looked like a sandwich and needed to be cut. Oh yeah, and I also found her pushing Lily in the swing saying "swing up higher." This one, she keeps me on my toes!

Lily has mellowed some, but she still makes her opinion known. We still swaddle for naps and nighttime, which I hope she won't need much longer. She wakes one time at night to nurse and I'm still waiting for that one night she just sleeps through.

Here are some recent photos from a family baby shower and Lily's dedication.

Warning: Photo Overload Ahead

Have you seen a cuter little girl??

Sister love

This photo is blurry...but it's a great representation of our family. Notice Miss Rose hiding her face in me because she was embarrasssed to be on the platform. Gracie is being energetic. Do notice though that Miss Rose is wearing a SKIRT!

I love this photo! I love my baby girl.

A pretty decent family photo if you ask me.

These are my two sisters. Notice how DIFFERENT we all look. I think my girls are going to be like this too. Some familial resemblances but individual looks.

Can't you just get lost in those blue eyes? I'm still hoping her eyes remain blue!


  1. Great family pic!! Her eyes are so blue - hope they stay too :)

  2. GREAT pictures!! I love that blurry one too - sometimes the blurry ones capture the best reality :)

  3. Wonderful pictures! You look amazing - how long ago did you have a baby?? Shredding has really paid off (or maybe you just don't gain much weight in pregnancy like I do). :)

  4. I am so impressed with the family picture! It's hard to get three little one's to all look at the same time. You look great!

  5. That family picture is more than just "pretty good"...it's a framer!
    You look so pretty in the pictures! :)

  6. Thank you sweet friends!! Lily is almost 4 months old. I gained the least weight with this third pregnancy because I tried REALLY hard to stay healthier...because I hate losing weight after. I still gained 30lbs....but it's finally starting to come off. I have about 10lbs to go now.


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